What Am I Even Doing?

Who knows really? Who knows at 23 what their plans are for their life? If you know at 23 years old (or younger) I applaud you.Here I am writing a blog that who knows will ever even be read. I strive to become a journlist one day, or just a blogger. Something that includes writing is what I am aiming for. I know that there are so many things under the “writing” category but I’m still trying to find the specifics. So I’m going to start here. I’m going to write about pop culture, my favorite musicians and bands, maybe reviews of concerts I attend. I am going to write about mental health, and mental health awareness because anxiety and panic attacks are something that I suffer from. I would love to give advice about anything and everything you have questions about. I will be writing about my medical issues in hopes that maybe girls my age, younger, or even older who have these same problems, can relate to me and we can connect because I have yet to find someone to connect with. I’ve recently been diagnosed with medical issues I did not even know exist, so I’m still learning. But for the time being, I’m just trying to live the life of a 23 year old, yes, freshman in college. I got my start a little late in life because of my anxiety issues. But I’ve been taking school by storm, and I hope to continue to do so without any issues. This is a place I want to be able to talk about anything and everything (I think I’ve mentioned this one too many times already). Please don’t mind my potential rants that are to come, but who knows maybe you can relate. Here’s my first post, simple and short, and a highlight for what is to come


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