Medical Issues

Life doesn’t always go as planned..

A few posts ago I talked about my medical issues. These issues are really starting to take a toll on me now more than ever. I’ve just started back at school in August, I was so excited to be on the right path. This path is coming to a slow halt. A halt which I wish wasn’t happening at all.

In 2 weeks I’ll be finding out when I will have surgery again. Until then I will not be going to school. Taking a medical withdrawal. Which I’m completely torn about because there’s pros and cons to so many possible outcomes. But I need to take care of myself first. This is something I’ve never told myself, even when working. “I have to take care of myself first” why should I suffer? Why am I allowing the suffering? This is where I’ve made a decision. My decision being the medical withdrawal. 
I’m sad that I’m essentially throwing away money that I’m not even getting credit for. But this is something I cannot deal with any longer. I need to take care of this, and it’s taking longer than expected but I’m hopeful. I’m extremely hopeful this surgery will be beneficial and even if it’s not then there is a back up plan. Will I have enough time to recover? I have no idea, but I will get a look into if I am going to make a quick recovery or not over the month break between semesters, if not then plan B comes into action.

I’m trying to have a positive outlook, on all things in my life right now. It’s difficult. But I will get to the point in my life where I am no longer in pain and I know longer have to deal with 8 different doctors at one time. I’m on my way there and I’m hoping it’s only up from here.


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