DNCE aka Joe Jonas’ new band was in my city over the weekend and they’re amazing. 

As a fan of the Jonas Brothers since 2008, being to many many concerts, I needed to see my fav (Joe, obviously) in concert again. As soon as he announced he was in a band, and they released their EP I bought it instantly. It’s super upbeat and catchy, you’ll be singing the lyrics all day. It wasn’t until a week and a half before they were going to be in my city when my friend and I actually decided to go. We figured why not? $20 dollars? And seeing a Jonas Brother live again, I mean it had to be done. Especially since we’ll be supporting another brother (Nick) on tour this summer with Demi Lovato! 

The experience of seeing DNCE live VS the Jonas Brothers live is actually a whole other world. While the Jonas Brothers would have all these mechanics and fly above us over the crowd, Joe was in his natural habitat, drinking on stage and feeding off of the energy from the crowd. 

I’ve legit loved him since I was 16 years old, and being 23 now, honestly look at him… But when I say I loved him for that long I thought one day we’d be married, but who didn’t think they’d married their fav when they were popular? 

They had a short setlist being that their EP only has 4 songs on it. But they did a bunch of cover songs including “Waterfalls, Scrubs,” and the “Thong” song.. Yes talk about throw back. My friend and I were pretty close to the stage, closer than I thought we would be to be honest. Because I’m old (and have all these medical issues a girl had to sit for a second before she passed out). I made it back just in time for DNCE to come on and I loved every second. Hearing the crowd sing along gave me chills, it gives me chills at every show.

It just amazes me that in this case a couple hundred people and in some cases like the Taylor Swift concert I went too over the summer where there was 80,000 people are complete strangers but you gather around to see a band or artist who you just connect with and enjoy musically. When you go to a concert it’s like an instant place to make friends, whether their just friends you sit next to each other and “fan girl” over the person, or friends you have follow you on Twitter and what not.

All in all, DNCE put on an amazing performance. It was nice too see my boy Joe Jonas again, it’s been 2 years. But how about next time around it’s a Jonas Brother reunion tour?! Let’s be real, who wouldn’t be down for that?! 


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