Medical Issues

Gallbladder removal

Surprise!!! Another medical issue within the mix of all of my other medical issues.

Can I say ouch one time? Honestly the pain of having a bad gallbladder is something I would not even wish on my worst enemy. Over the past week and a half I’ve been experiencing unbelievable pain in my right upper back that goes right through to my chest. 

ER here I come, where I sat for 6 hours and they gave me nothing besides a phone number of a surgeon, whom I was told didn’t even exist. I found another surgeon and made an appointment with him to schedule the removal of my gallbladder, yet here I am today because I had to have “emergency gallbladder removal surgery” really super fantastic. I was back in the ER a few days later where finally I got a good doctor who actually told me I was going to get an ultrasound, but like a legit one. Not the ones where they can do it right in the room with me. 

Finally a surgeon came in and told me that my gallbladder was horrible, extremely inflamed and had a bunch of gallstones. I told the doctor I would happily push back my other surgery (for my endometriosis that was supposed to happen tomorrow). You know there was no decision when having to decide between gallbladder or endometriosis surgery, the gallbladder pain was even worse than the endometriosis pain. 

So I’m finally home in my own bed, I took the gauze off today on my incisions, there’s 4 small incisions but they probably won’t scar too much. Blueberry jello, strawberry jello, and plain cereal have been my best friend food wise. I’m not on a strict diet but better safe than sorry! 

Here’s too another step of a bumpy road that just so happens to be my life. 


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