Shitty days

I’ve been trying to get my life together but at the age of 23 who really does? I know not me. But shout out to the 23 year olds who have their lives down pact, I hope I’m like you one day but for now I’m going to act like everything is okay and I’m fine with my life but guess what..
Not at all. No surprise there. Everyone has shitty days/shitty weeks/shitty months and so on. My life right now is an endless pit of shitty things that are coming up aka doctors appointments that determine surgery dates, then surgery, then possibly another one. When will this be over?

I had such good classes this semester and I won’t even be starting… Because my life right now sucks and needs to get itself together before I have a mental breakdown. 

I’ve been going shopping the past 3 days, and like I think that might be the only thing that keeps me sane? Like what the hell, because I buy myself a cute $10 top shouldn’t change my outlook on my shitty life but guess what it did/does because retail therapy is a real thing. I spent way too much money and I felt guilty but I’m fine now. Everything I have is cute and I bought myself a new wallet. I don’t know I just enjoy shopping. It’s not for everyone but to the people who love shopping, buy that dress you are hesitant about because it’s $20 over your price range. I mean you’re gonna go home and wish you got it. “You only live once” #yolo #whatyearisit? #yoloisso2013? 


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