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Night time thoughts

You know, it’s night time and who’s mind doesn’t stop thinking at night? I’m just thinking about how extremely grateful I am for everyone in my life, my life in general. 95% of 2015 was shitty, the 5% of good was going back to school. Yet here I am 2016, 100% shitty so far. But it’s okay, because I’m working on myself. I have possibly one more surgery and hopefully after that I’ll feel more human? More like a 23 year old? Well maybe 24 year old, who knows how long my recovery time will be. 

24 years old, (in Jimmy Fallon’s Sara voice) ew. I am going to be 24 years old, I don’t feel like I am past 18 because of road blocks that have made me stop in my path of life, of growing up. It’s sad, but I’m not worried, living my life as a 24 year old, freshman in college again in the fall, is my path, I didn’t choose all of it, but God intended me to live this way. So I graduate in 2020, 10 years after my high school graduation, I almost like the thought. 

Years are flying by but I know when I find myself at school, working hard, those years will fly at an even higher rate of speed. I will be ready to take on the world, I thought I was ready but it turns out it the world wasn’t ready for me. 2016 WILL be my year. Even if my year starts in April, or May, it will start when I’m better and that is all that counts. 

Step 1: complete

Step 2: getting prepared for

Step 3: recover

Step 4: live my life as I’ve always should have.


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