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Retail Therapy a Form Of Real Therapy? 

Technically it’s not, but it should be! 
You hear people talking all the time about retail therapy, joking saying that it actually works. But I don’t think it’s a joke whatsoever, because it truly does work. In my eyes it does, you can disagree, which is fine but if you treat yourself to that pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing down, you’ll feel happier.
“Money can’t buy happiness” a saying many people believe to be true, I on the other hand disagree. Money most definitely would make and keep me happy. My bills would be paid on time; I wouldn’t have to take out school loans. I could purchase that name brand purse I’ve been eyeing down for months now. You’re telling me that, that would make you unhappy? At 23 years old, not being in debt because of school would make me ecstatic (which is why I’m playing the powerball, but I’m not getting my hopes up, the odds of winning are outrageous). But if my school loans were paid off and continued to be paid off as I continue through school, that would automatically make me happy and feel less stress.
If you’re out with friends and see a cute pair of shoes but their $20 over your price limit or even if you find shoes that you love and are within your price limit don’t second guess yourself, buy them. I’m one to try shoes on and think oh I can probably get them online, nope, one time I did that I couldn’t find them online. I was so bummed. Just over this past weekend, there were a pair of flats that I loved and they had only one pair in my size. I carried them around the whole entire store until my friend was done shopping, I held them up looking at them for a while, my friend and both workers in the store just said “buy the shoes” and I came home so excited to show my mom. Also at Target I found a pair of combat boots, they usually never have my size when they’re on sale but I found a pair and they were 30% off, so I carried them around the store until I decided at the register that I was going to buy them (to my surprise the boots were 50% off) so you never know when you could run into a surprise deal!
Lastly if you don’t have the “Retail Me Not” app on your phone, I highly suggest you download it, and if you have your location on and you go to the mall it informs you of sales in certain stores in the mall. I was getting tops at “Charlotte Russe” they were all on sale for $10 but then bless the Retail Me Not app because I got $10 off my entire purchase. I’m telling you, sometimes you can find amazing sales and you can even use the app for online sales, they provide codes for checkout! So, if you were thinking about buying that pair of jeans or those shoes, do it. Wow I hate to say this, but YOLO?
Buy the shoes, be happy.


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