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“It’s Going to Be Okay”

So vague yet so broad, clearly the question here is what is going to be okay? It varies from person to person. It can be something so small or something that changes someone’s life. Yet the phrase is used in so many ways, clearly to comfort someone. Sometimes in certain situations it’s going to be okay is the only thing to say.

“It” is the subject of this phrase, “it” is the problem, “it” for example is the depression that someone is going through. “It” ranges in severity and may need to be addressed sooner rather than later for some people.


When there is a person in a depressive state of mind “It’s going to be okay” is likely the last thing this person wants to hear. Those words are heard by depressed people so often it’s likely it could drive them mad. I won’t lie though; I’ve said that to a friend who was going through rough times because it’s extremely difficult to come up with the right words for a person’s certain situation. For instance, I tend to babble, and I babble when I think my advice is what this person needs to hear and then I actually hear what is coming out of my mouth and have to apologize, like sorry did you understand any of that? Was that good? Like should I become a psychologist? Because either that advice I just gave you made zero sense what so ever and I’m sorry, or it was the smartest thing that has ever come out of my mouth and I know what my calling in life is.

That’s when I hope I made sense to them… Because advice is hard to give, it’s hard to receive also because the advice that you receive is likely the answer to the problems you may be facing but you don’t want to deal with it, or in depressive situations you don’t want to confront the feeling that is tearing you down because it’s extremely scary.

I’m using depression as an example because it’s extremely relatable and I’ve been in this situation before. I never wanted to hear that it was going to be okay because who are they to comment or know what the future holds for me. Even if they are my friends, they say it and I’d kind of just nod because I’m not going to say no, it not going to be okay because most people who are depressed don’t like to talk about it. That is completely fine, unfortunately you’re fighting with demons that you don’t wish to share, who does?


The moral of my blog post is, that you don’t have to listen to someone when they say it’s going to be okay, because they don’t know. They don’t know you, your situation, anything. I’m an advocate for getting help. It’s helped me since I was 17 years old, I can still recall certain things therapists have said that have sat with me and have made me change my outlook on life. (Which is why I sometimes think my advice is kind of excellent [I’m just joking.]) If you’re willing to talk, talk, if you need help finding the right person for you but don’t want anyone to know that you’re talking with someone, I can try to help. You could even talk to me, there are ways to contact me, or you could comment and I could give you my email.


*But remember I’m just a 23-year-old who has just has enough experience with therapists and psychologists that I could give you advice I’ve learned from them and that I’m still trying to figure out my life too.



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