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Bladder Pacemaker aka Nerve Stimulator aka The Weirdest Thing I’ve Ever Felt

A constant vibration is what it feels like… But it causes me to have no pain. Is this real life?

Over the past few months, well pretty much the past year I’ve been having issues, clearly with endometriosis and newly diagnosed IC. My endometriosis surgery was a week ago today and with my fingers crossed everyday and knocking on wood when I talk about it, I feel good, but don’t want to jinx anything. With the endometriosis out of the way I was truly able to feel how much pain the IC is causing me. With being out of surgery for only a week, I decided to try too be brave and strong, going ahead getting this trial pacemaker for my bladder rather than waiting another month. 

Today 2/2 is the first full day of having the nerve stimulator in. The wires were implanted into my back yesterday afternoon and now I’m here. Keeping track of each time I use the bathroom and the pain scale. Which (knock on wood) is actually amazing because I came home yesterday, completely miserable, because who wouldn’t be when it felt like someone was screwing screws into your back? Besides that, I came home, went to the bathroom right away and had zero pain. None. I’m not saying this might be a miracle for me because I still have a week to go, but I’m knocking on wood and keeping my fingers crossed still.

This might be the answer after all of this time. I truly hope and pray that it is. If it is I will have surgery on March 7th to have it implanted for good. Ultimately leaving me, once a 23 year old who could barely get out of bed to a 23 year old with little too no pain. That is something I haven’t felt in a long time, a life without pain. It almost sounds sad but guess what, God tested me with these health issues and as far as I know right now, I will be coming out on top.  


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