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How To Make Your Lipstick Matte

I love makeup, I’ve always loved makeup, but lately I’ve realized I have an obsession with lipstick. I could say all lipstick but matte lipstick is and will forever be my favorite. Also, I am a person who bargain hunts so I have yet to purchase a MAC lipstick because of the price, I know people who swear up and down by the high end makeup brands. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the money and you want to treat yourself to lipstick or makeup palette, do it! The extent of my makeup / lipsticks are essentially all from Target, the E.L.F. store or just basic stores such as CVS or Walgreens. 

I’ve recently found an E.L.F. store, I know, what? Well at least it was a surprise to me because I only saw their brand of make up in Target stores and actually sometimes in random clothing stores. I made my way over and kind of went overboard, only because they actually had everything in stock. Obviously you can go online and purchase their items and they’re likely to have them all in stock but actually seeing everything in front of me was amazing. E.L.F. (stands for eyes,lips,face in case you didn’t know and you were like what in the world is E.L.F.?) Their brand of makeup and also makeup brushes run from $1-$20 being the most money (at least from what I’ve seen). So E.L.F. was the first brand I bought that was in matte form, just a bright red color because who doesn’t love a bright red? It can literally be worn anytime and with nearly any outfit. I remember going home doing my makeup and trying it on, I took some selfies because who doesn’t when you’re makeup looks bomb? Since then, I’ve been pulled in by the matte lipstick craze. I was so happy I bought multiple different colors being that the lipsticks were only $3, yes you read that correctly. Eventually I had every single matte color E.L.F. had to offer and I was still on the hunt.I’ve bought so many different brands of lipsticks at this point I couldn’t even name them all. The most I’ve spent on a lipstick is $10, I’ve recently thought about buying at least one matte MAC lipstick but I’ve yet to do so. But let’s get to the real reason why you’re reading this article. How to make ANY lipstick matte.

As I’ve said I’m a bargain hunter, they have so many colors of lipstick they could go on forever but since you love the matte look you want it in every color. Here’s the secret: translucent powder. When you buy powder for your face to set your makeup, it’s pretty much the same exact thing but it does not have a pigment. I went and bought two $1.99 lipsticks in darker colors since it’s winter and bought a wet and wild translucent powder that was $4.99, I already had a brush at home I could use, but if you need a brush the E.L.F. brushes range from $1-$5 at least for the brushes I’ve bought or you could just use your finger.

I always apply chapstick before lipstick, I’m not sure why, sometimes even with non-matte lipstick I feel like my lips get super dry.

Apply your lipstick as you normally would or line your lips first if you use liners. After the liner apply the lipstick.

Take your brush/finger and dab it on the translucent powder, you can check your brush/finger to see if the powder is on there, if not you can run your brush or finger back and forth and that should start the process of getting some powder on your brush/finger.

Pat the brush along your bottom lip, it will likely look white against a color but once you rub your lips together it’ll fade and you will see the lipstick become more matte.

Keep applying until your happy with the color/matte look of your lips!

I usually reapply the lipstick once more and then add more powder until I get it to how I would like it to look. Also, sometimes even with regular matte lipsticks I put on chapstick again just to keep from drying out because matte lipsticks are pretty dry in general.

I can’t take credit for knowing to use translucent powder, so shout out to the random woman in Target I made conversation with and shared this secret. You’ll probably never read this but I now get to use any color I want and make it into a favorite!


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