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Extremely Grateful

I hate to say I take things for granted and not just little things here and there. I can officially say I take almost everything in my life for granted. It may sound extremely snobby of me, but my late night thoughts are kicking in. 

My life for instance I take for granted every day. I hate admitting it but it’s the honest truth. You’re only given one life and right now I’m not in a state to live it too the fullest but when I can, I will. Unfortunately there a hundreds of thousands of people who lose their lives too soon. Why am I wasting mine away? 

As I sit here I realize how lucky I am to have my life, to have people I love in my life. I essentially have endless opportunities that have yet to even come my way that will one day be the start of my life/career. I’m sad that it’s taken me a while to realize how truly blessed I am. I could list so many people who I need to give recognition too because they’ve helped me along the way of my life so far, and to those people I am forever grateful. 

Late night thoughts with Kelly may be a daily occurance, that’s when my mind runs wild, seems like I can’t sleep until I write even if it’s something I don’t publish. 

*To my family and friends who read these blogs and even too the ones that don’t, thank you for supporting me and being there for me even in the toughest of times. You each have a place in my heart. You each have had an impact on me at some point in life that I will forever be grateful for. XO 


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