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Music Faves of The New Year


Okay so we can say it’s basically the middle of February, how and why? Time is going by way too quickly. I want time too pass quickly but then at the same time I feel like I’m wasting my life away. Okay, besides the point I’m going to pick 5ish of my favorite new artists/songs I’ve been listening to daily. It’s kind of a different blog post, but why not? My very first post says I’ll be talking about everything, it’s been too long since I’ve changed up my style. My apologies for all of my health first, but guess what. #GottaPutYourselfFirst (I’m done here, I just used a hashtag in my blog so..)


Number one of course Adele, her album is amazing. I was lucky enough to get tickets to see her in September. (But like I honestly thought about selling them because the price people are buying them for are outrageous and a girl could always use extra money. But I’m not going to do that haha.)

Beyonce just released a new single/video “Formation” and there is so much controversy surrounding it, and I don’t doubt that there is controversy surrounding it. I haven’t paid much attention too it because I love the song, simple as that.

Also, I don’t care what people think about this, but Justin Bieber’s newest album has been on repeat for me. Hits are coming off of it back to back, speaking of back to back, Drake. He released his “mixed taped” a while back but it just needs some appreciation right now because I could probably rap to every one of his songs, it’s probably one of my all time favorite albums.

Alessia Cara, someone I never heard of for a while. She’s been on the radio forever; I never listen to the radio. A friend of mine turned her song up when it was on the radio when we were driving one day. She’s probably most famous for her single “Here”. I loved her voice, the next morning I bought her album. Well worth it, it’s been playing nonstop, she has songs you can sing to, but they also just have good beats to them where you can sit back just listen and chill.

Lastly DNCE, I couldn’t not include my fav Jonas Brothers’ new band. Especially since I saw them live and they’re absolutely amazing, right now they only have an EP out, it’s probably $5 and well worth the $5. I love DNCE but I’m ready for the OG JB, Jonas Brothers to come back. I need a reunion tour in my life asap.





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