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Kylie Jenner LipKits

So today has been a little rough, my anxiety has been high and I haven’t slept very well lately. I think it may be a build up to my next surgery, it has me thinking a lot about what’s going on now, what will go on after and even in the future.

But all of that aside. I received a package today that I’ve been waiting a week or so for. The package being these lovely products. First off I’d like to give a big shout out to the tax refund people who accepted my return so quickly and got my refund back so I was able to purchase these lipkits. Also I’d like to just say how incredibly grateful I am that I was able to purchase them (I was stalking Kylie’s app for a date and it just so happened the restock was on Valentine’s Day) I was going to be happy with getting one color let alone being able to get the whole set she has available has me mind blown.

 I am 100% completely obsessed with them, I was obsessed with them before all of the colors were even out. Despite my anxiety ridden day, today I knew these were coming so I was peeking out of the window every so often to see if the mail lady was making her way around. Finally around 2PM I had a box in my hands and ran to my room. I took in every second of opening up the box to find this box filled with these beautiful colors.

First I tried on the OG colors.

“Dolce K” “Candy K” & “True Brown K”

Completely love them.

I’m forever a matte lipstick kind of girl, and I was always hesitant to use liquid matte lipstick because of how dry it can be and it can get super flaky on your lips. I feel like a normal matte lipstick can also do that but the liquid just tends to dry your lips out more quickly. Regardless I could already feel a difference when applying them, the texture is dry but doesn’t make your lips dry out and then have the lipstick look all flaky, it looks and feels smooth.

Second I tried the newer available colors

“Posie K” “Mary Jo K” “KoKo K”

Again, obsessed.

Okay so not only is the packaging amazing, the product itself is amazing. Before I used the product in general though I used a Lush lip scrub to take any dead skin off and just make my lips softer. I usually don’t use a lip liner so that was new for me when trying these on. But the pencil glides so easily across your lips it’s super simple and easy to get used to as a first timer. Then when filling in my lips with the liquid lipstick, it dries super quickly and it’s completely true to the color. On different skin tones of course the colors will vary but they are all very flattering tones. Once you apply the lipstick and it’s completely dry it feels like there is absolutely nothing on your lips, I tried wiping it with a paper towel, or using my hand. Nope, won’t budge. Which is awesome because you can apply it as you feel like you need it or want it, but you don’t have too do it daily because it stays on completely. With how well the lipstick stays on, simply taking a make up remover wipe or I’ve heard coconut oil, takes it off right away and I always suggest using a Chapstick or lip scrub again after you’ve taken it off just to keep your lips moisturized!

Since November I’ve been dying to get my hands on these and like I said I am extremely grateful I was able to access the website and get through to purchase these. As of right now “KoKo K” is my absolute favorite, it looks almost natural for me because I’m pale but it’s a light pink color. I recommended this product to anyone, seriously 10/10.

I can’t wait to see what other colors Kylie has up her sleeve for the future!


13 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner LipKits

    1. I can’t even believe I got all six because it’s such a race to checkout, then you kind of just wait and hope it gets approved. I think Friday she’s having another restock. Which ones do you have now?


      1. Yeah she’s like hinting, but she’s so coy! I have Candy K and Mary Jo K, kinda regret not getting Posie K but I thought it was going to way brighter than it actually is :p Since you have all of them what one is the best?


      2. I love Posie K so much (super recommend it, because I’m so pale so I’m like oh no here comes the really pink one and it’s not at all, with a selfie with flash it’s definitely more pink but not nearly as pink as some of the pictures she posts of people who have it on) and KoKo K. I didn’t think I would like as much as I did because I’m so pale and it’s a pale pink but it’s gorgeous. As soon as I put it on I was like no this my favorite but then of course I kept trying the other ones and was like no this is my favorite lol. I haven’t tried the Mary Jo K yet to be honest. I know I’ll love it because I’ve worn a bright red lip before. I can’t choose one so I’d say KoKo K, Posie K, and Candy K are my top 3. I know she has that new color coming soon, I’m wondering if it’ll be apart of the next restock but we’ll see. I want to get more of my faves just to have them since they sell out so quickly but with her restocking more often I’ll just have to make sure I’m ready at the computer right before 12PM (for me) when I need them again!


      3. I am really pale too so that’s why I didn’t go for those shades, think I’ll give them a go now. I never thought about the restock having the new line, I will deffo have to be glued to the computer!


      4. Well I’m wishing you the best that you get all the colors you want! I’m sure if you refresh right at the time of the sale you’ll be safe to get them as long as you know your log in information too so you can be quick with that. Fingers crossed! ☺️


      5. See I had no clue I needed an account so I typed my name and email so quickly did what I had to do and was checked out 3 minutes after the release. But I’m definitely going to look into autofill for next time!

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      6. PS If you want I can totally put swatches of KoKo K and Posie K on my hand since I’m pale and you can kind of get the idea of how the color may look on you? Lol or I can just share my lip pics with those 2 colors. It’s up to you if you don’t want either it’s totally fine, but I didn’t share any swatches on my post obviously, which I’m kind of considering because it would be helpful lol 🙂


      7. Okay I put it on my post at the bottom because I don’t think I can share pics through the comments. Also please excuse the unevenness, I just did them super quick! Haha

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      8. It’s no problem, I only had KoKo K already as a picture but I figured with flash and without a flash could be beneficial, also the lighting in general isn’t the best because my bedroom is so bright and I can’t use natural light because it’s so rainy today. & Thank you 🙂

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