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My dream is to be a writer, what’s yours?

“A writer” so vague yet so broad. Anyone majoring in journalism or communications has such a broad spectrum to what they really want to do. I see myself writing, what about? I have absolutely no idea yet. What if I like some other major within the communications major? That is yet to come up but will be dealt with when the time comes.

Communication/Journalism majors in college often tell people what they’re majoring in and then get a look. The look being like “Okay so she doesn’t have a chance at a job, she’s not going to pay of her student loans back in time”. Though for me I have complete opposite thinking. Journalism and communications are just starting to flourish as careers though most people may disagree. The world of technology grows every single day, with that the chance at jobs within journalism and/or communications are right at your finger tips.

Technology is why and how journalism will still be successful. When you think of journalism, you think of writing in the paper, writing in a magazine, maybe writing a book. When I think of journalism I think the exact same things, writing in the paper that will now be read on an iPad, Kindle or simply even a website, writing in a Magazine that can be subscribed too through an iPad, Kindle or again a website. If one day a book was on my mind and I just went for it. Well yeah I’d love to sell it in stores, but there is no reason to think I’d fail at selling my book because people don’t buy books anymore (which I think is false, in my opinion a lot of people would rather have the physical copy of a book). But my book would still be available on guess what… An iPad, Kindle or again, a website.

I understand the hard work and dedication that needs to go into being a potential journalist/writer/whatever I want to be though journalism is my top option right now. I understand I may not get a job right away after college but guess what, the majority of people sadly don’t. I’m not going to look up the statistics of people who don’t get a job right after graduation because why would I put myself through the stress of knowing that. I still have a long time to go in school. I’ve barely started, what will the economy be like in 4-5 years? Who knows, hopefully it will either be the same or better. Let’s hope it at least stays the same, I think it will. (If we don’t elect DTrump for President). But besides that point say the economy stays the same within 4-5 years we still have to work hard and put our all into internships and potential travelling to different cities and states across the country where jobs may become available. That’s life and that’s a life I’m willing to live in order to succeed in something that I absolutely love to do.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is when you may find what you’re looking for. Ask me right now if I’d step out of my comfort zone for something, 100% unlikely, I’m not ready. You need to prepare yourself for the world and the opportunities that may arise but being that I don’t have any background in writing yet besides this tiny blog that a few people read. (Which I am extremely thankful for so shout out to my family and the others who follow and sometimes read my blogs, it means a lot).

One day I can see myself stepping out of my comfort zone, sweating, shaking, on the verge of a panic attack but once I am across I will realize that I made so much fuss for nothing, so much fuss for success. I have a long way to go, but I hope that writing this will give me optimism when the time comes to take that step. I can read this blog and tell myself to go, take the step or jump whichever I need to do when in the situation comes, that’s when my success will come.

That is when my dream will be fulfilled.


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