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Let’s Talk Make Up

Okay so I’m not one who usually goes extreme with make up as I have many many freckles. I know you’re probably thinking.. Okay and? Well I just hate the thought of using primer, foundation, concealer and if needed also powder because I don’t want my make up to look super caked on you know?

A month or two ago I found myself in Ulta wanting to find a foundation that was lightweight and wouldn’t cover my freckles. I also wanted to try a contour kit though I already have high cheek bones it looks like it’s already contoured sometimes. I was also recommended a highlighter by one of the employees who actually applied all of the make up too my face, just so I could see how it would look. She told me it’s not even worth it to buy a contour kit, use a bronzer. Which is actually an amazing tip, because the NYX contour and highlighter “Wonder Stick” is inexpensive but also amazing quality. Contour kits keep coming out because contouring is all the rage right now. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love a little contour? But it can get a little extreme. 

So during my first trip to Ulta I purchased Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation, a Benefit Bronzer (for contouring), a Becca Highlighter, also a set of brushes that are absolutely amazing by IT Cosmetics. You know, I’ve probably bought more but I can’t remember right now. 

But today I received an early birthday present. Like, a month early, but that’s okay. My order from Ulta came, I only ordered it on Friday so props for the fast shipping! I bought many Too Faced brand items, mostly eyeshadows of course. 2 smaller palettes and the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette which actually smells like chocolate…? I mean I could be crazy but I’m pretty sure it does, and lastly a mascara by Too Faced. I also bought the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, and a few other palettes from a brand called “Make Up Revolution”. I may be leaving a few things out but I took a random picture of everything I’ll share at the bottom! This is non-Ulta related, but I was able to snag the 22 Kylie Lip Kit so now I have the full collection! 

If you ever choose to decide to order from Ulta I HIGHLY recommended the Make Up Revolution brand. They’re relatively cheap. 32 matte eye shadows for $15, I mean? Is that not a deal? I’m learning that this brand and even the Ulta brand in general is amazing and extremely affordable. A lot of the make up I purchased “as my birthday present” are more on the expensive side but I know they’ll last me a long time because I don’t often go all out with make up but when I do I’ll have top of the line products to use! 

What I love about Ulta is that they have high end make up, and drugstore make up. Like NYX is an all time fav and they had a whole section fully stocked. It was like I was in heaven. They sell NYX at Target and CVS (at least around where I live) but they always sell out! Also don’t get me wrong you can order it online, but be prepared to wait a little while for shipping, sometimes it feels like it takes forever (Love you NYX 💋). 

I’m still new to all the nice higher end make up, because usually it’s just a winged liner and lipstick for me, but being that I’m starting to feel better physically, I want to feel pretty too. As soon as I’m healed I’m headed on a journey to make myself, love myself. It will take time but I’ll get there. I can’t wait to see my results (which I’m sure I’ll share with you guys!) 

(Here are the items I received today from Ulta!) 

***Also if anyone has any suggestions of another foundation that is lightweight please let me know in the comments! I love the Urban Naked brand but it’ll be extremely costly once I start doing my makeup more!


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