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Can hauls be in blog form? Yeah right? A lot of my purchases came from Ulta. If you don’t know what Ulta is, it’s a beauty supply store that carries high end and drug store make up. Heaven on earth we can say? I have so much new make up that needs to be talked about.

I can’t deny I’ve been going a little bit overboard with Ulta, I just recently visited a store in February and became a “member” and within a few weeks I’ve became a platinum member aka I’ve spent a lot of money. But their platinum status as so many perks! It’s tempting but I haven’t purchased anything for a little while now so I figured I’d write about what I’ve purchased and what my favorites are.

I’ve recently written about makeup and how I’ve just started using higher end products. So with trying to build my collection I’ve been testing out well known brands that I hear are amazing and so far I completely agree. Too Faced has been a product I’ve been using and have absolutely fell in love with. I’ve purchased their whole Chocolate eye shadow collection, as well as their Peanut Butter and Jelly palette, a few others, and finally their Sweet Peach palette. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of them because Ulta tweeted at me telling me the time they went on sale, which was 1AM for me. I chose to favorite the item so as soon as I opened the app it was right there waiting for me along with the other items I bought. (A tip for the future when you’re waiting for an exclusive new item)

Like I’ve said I’ve been completely in love with Too Faced, I’m not sure how many palettes of theirs I have now but they’re my go too. I’ve talked about my purchase of the Urban Decay eye shadow primer and I wanted to mention it again because even though the colors of the Too Faced palettes are already extremely pigmented the primer really shows the color well and helps it stay in place!

I’m also loving Urban Decay’s brand in general because I’ve talked about their foundation before and how amazing it is, it’s super light and it doesn’t cover my freckles or look caked on. I’ve recently purchased their Naked Concealer and it’s absolutely amazing also. I was always scared to use foundation because I thought that it would look too cake-y because of my freckles. But the Urban Decay foundation absolutely does the job I’ve been looking for, for years now. I received a free sample of their setting spray, fell in love and bought the full sized bottle. A few sprays over your face after you’re done your make up and it stays put which I love!

Within that purchase I also bought a few more Make Up Revolution brand items because they’re really cheap. I think the most expensive item I’ve bought was $15, even though I was told a bronzer works great for contouring, I bought the MUR (Make Up Revolution) contour palette because they have some colors in a powder and some in a gel which I love! I’ve also purchased their brow kit because the palette has powder and gel in it also. The brow kit comes with a small set of tweezers and two small brushes to make your eyebrows too what you prefer! I haven’t strayed away from the Becca highlighter yet though I do have one I want to purchase soon and it’s an Urban Decay highlighter included in their summer collection.

I’ve just purchased some Tarte brand items. I’m patiently awaiting the package! I’ve heard good things & I was recommended by some people who follow me on Tumblr, and if any of you recommend ANY make up let a girl know in the comments! I’ve been trying to build my brush collection too, I purchased a 4-piece kit it’s by “IT Cosmetics” I’m not sure if that’s only sold at Ulta or not, the quality of them are so nice and soft and don’t feel bristle-y against my skin. (I’m making up words along the way, but you understand haha). They were kind of pricey for only 4 brushes but these are brushes I’ll definitely have for a long time.

Since I have many scars from surgeries I wanted to look into a product that could potentially take down how colored the scars are. I know the majority of them are new and they usually go down in color themselves but they definitely haven’t. I was recommended to use Bio Oil which helps with scars and I’m pretty sure it can help with a bunch of other things. It says it helps with dehydrated skin, aging skin and stretch marks. I know that Cocoa Butter can also help with stretch marks and scars so I did purchase a Nivea brand Cocoa Butter lotion that way I can see which I prefer better or which one works better! The Bio Oil was a little pricey as I bought the biggest bottle at $29.99. Another skin item I purchased was a Soap & Glory “Breakfast Scrub” which just exfoliates your skin. I’ll likely use it in the shower then apply the Nivea lotion after. I don’t want to say it was made with all natural ingredients because I’m pretty sure it’s not but it does have a mixture of bananas, almonds, and honey! The smell is incredible; it smells like maple syrup pretty much… I mean, who doesn’t love that smell?!

As for lips, I was using a $2 lipstick from Primark because they finally are opening them in the US! It’s so pretty, it’s a pink shade a little darker but it kind of goes with anything you wear. But other than that I have been 100% completely sold on Kylie’s LipKit’s. I know some people don’t like her, but I’m a huge fan and her lipsticks are ABSOLUTELY the best liquid matte lipsticks I have ever used. I wore it for 12 hours with out having to reapply, and within those 12 hours I was eating and drinking like normal. It feels as if there is nothing on your lips. If you’re reapplying they do get a little bit dried out, but normally you don’t have to reapply. Reapplying does make the color darker obviously. My favorite is Koko K right now, and if you reapply it, it almost looks more of a Candy K or Posie K color. When using Candy K and you reapply a few times it gets dark enough to look like Dolce K. I’m extremely pale so really dark colors aren’t something I will wear all the time but of course on a night out why not? I’ve recently was lucky enough to get Kourt K which should be here by the Monday! I cannot wait. One thing I’ve learned with any lipstick in general is to apply a lip primer first. You could even use Chapstick if you’d like. I think my lip primer is by NYX it was under $5.

Kylie Cosmetics are my absolute favorite and will probably continue to be. The LipKit’s do sell out very quickly so when they do go on sale you have to be ready! She’s recently, and by recently I mean yesterday released her Lip Glosses, they are tinted and really pretty actually, so they’ll be my next purchase when she restocks! You can find out the times they go on sale on Kylie’s app, it’s $2.99 a month for the subscription but you get a bunch of different things within her app. Such as fashion statements she’s made & she gives cheaper alternatives which is actually a favorite of mine because she gives alternatives at stores such as Forever 21 or H&M which are relatively cheap.

I didn’t talk too much about a lot of make up brands, only certain makeup brands, just the few I named are my favorites. If you guys have any suggestions of ANY type of make up that works well, I’d love to try it so let me know in the comments!

*I prefer for them to be cruelty-free brands, so if you have recommendations, let a girl know!

**If you’re interested in any of the items or making an account with Ulta, before you sign up you can send your email in comment or send it to”” with your name and the email you’d like to use. With doing that I can send you a referral and we each get a free $10 credit off of a $30 purchase in the future!

***All of my purchases came from Ulta and Kylie Cosmetics check them out! Unfortunately Ulta does not ship internationally as of right now, though Kylie Cosmetics does!



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