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Twenty Four 

How does time fly so quickly? It feels like yesterday I was 8 years old playing “Freedom” with my childhood friends.

Fast forward 16 years, I still reminisce on those memories, some of them I’ll remember forever. What can I say about what I’ve learned over these 24 years? Needless to say, a lot. I can list so many but I want to talk about some that are important and relatable.

First being to take care of yourself first no matter the circumstances. You are the most important in your life whether you admit it or not. Yes, there are many other people who can care for but at the end of the day you need to make sure that your being, whether it’s your physical and mental health are your top priority. It’s hard to come to terms with sometimes but guess what, that’s life. There is only one of you, don’t risk yourself for others. It may sound selfish, but be selfish, you are important. 

I think another thing in life you should do is treat yourself. It kind of ties in with the first, taking care of yourself. Treat yourself whether you’re on a diet and you’re eyeing ice cream get some, you don’t need to get a lot but fulfilling the want is always a nice feeling. Treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or new clothes if you have the extra money. Some say retail therapy isn’t a real thing? I beg to differ.

Speak up, when I was younger in middle school and the beginning of high school I used to let people walk all over me. I’m not saying it in a way that I was bullied, but in general. You asked me I’d do it or I would let someone talk down to me. I can’t deny it still happens today but I’ve finally have been brave enough to stand up for myself. When I do stand up for myself, I’m left with a person (who may have been telling me off) questioning what even just happened because I usually would never do that. If you have people in your life that do talk to you like that it’s okay to let them go. You should let them go. 

Letting go. Putting the past behind you, whether it’s a situation or potentially a person. You know some people enter your life but they aren’t meant to stay in it. They may come in it and teach you some lessons, they may try to mold you into a person you’re not, so leaving them in the past is sometimes completely necessary. Who are they to make you someone that you’re not? When you realize it’s happening or that’s what they’re trying to do, that’s when you should realize on your own of how strong you are not conforming to what they want you to be. Not being a follower, but standing strong as a leader. 

Lastly, be kind. Just be nice to people. It’s so easy, asking how a person is whether you know them or not could brighten their whole day. Complimenting little things, makes someone feel good about themselves. You can’t deny someone has told you that you look so nice today or I love this shirt or your shoes and you go on with your day but your head is held a little higher because of the praise. The simplest words can change a persons perspective, or just simply make their day. 

I’ve learned these things within my 24 years, some shouldn’t even need to be taught such as being nice to people. It’s sad that we live in a world where we need to repeat that saying to everyone, a lot of young people mostly who will be molding the generations to come. At 24, I’m still trying to even do these things I’ve listed, they’re not all easy but they’ll all be worth it when I accomplished them. When I accomplish being able to fully let go of something or someone the weight that will be lifted from my chest is something to look forward too.

Life is something to look forward too. I’m 24, only 24. My whole life is ahead of me.


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