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Birthday Purchases

I’m really slacking on Throwback Thursday and unfortunately I’m slacking again this week because this post isn’t a throwback Thursday post. I’m not sure if it’s just me being lazy or me not wanting to look back at the past and see what hardships I may have been going through even though I do try to turn them into positives. So no, this is a not a TBT post but another haul post, but not just make up this time.

I found myself at a mall close to me and also in Barnes and Noble. I could spend 8 hours in there, who couldn’t? This past Monday was my birthday and I had money to spend! (Which I should have saved, but I still have some saved so I can’t be so hard on myself!) I can’t deny that I didn’t buy make up, I did, but this post isn’t going to be all about make up. I think I’m going to start with Barnes and Noble/Amazon purchases aka books.

So, I see a therapist weekly which I’ve recently talked about and I’m not ashamed. I’m proud of myself that I acknowledged that I needed help. I’ve talked to her a lot about my childhood and unfortunately I am a child, well now adult of an alcoholic. There has to be millions of us who are in the same situation. So when talking with my therapist and my issues in the now, she brings up issues that I had when I was a child or things I would do as a child and try to relate them. It completely relates but it really gets me thinking and sometimes you know actually coming to the realization of things makes you sad or sometimes in my case surprises me because I never would of thought about it in the perspective that she puts it in. That’s why she chose to be a therapist right? She recommended a few self help books in the sense of being an adult who lived a childhood with an alcoholic and I found one that stood out to me called “Perfect Daughters: Adult Daughters of Alcoholics”. I want to read these books but I don’t want to feel any hostility towards my parent who was an alcoholic especially because of their situation now, so I’m hoping these books help me for the better. Potentially giving me an outlook that could better my future relationship with my parent.

Another book I picked up was for my blog/just for myself. I sometimes have trouble coming up with a topic to write about. But I was on my way out of Barnes and Noble and “500 Writing Prompts” caught my eye. It was on sale and being that I have this blog and love to write it could benefit me. Writing is a release for me and this week my therapist said well why don’t you start writing on your blog more? I don’t have a problem with that, but now that book could potentially help me with ideas on what to write about which could lead to every day blogs, who knows!

I found myself in Sephora of course, I’m not a huge fan of Sephora, I won’t lie. I’m much more of a cruelty-free brand make up products person and I know they carry pretty much everything, everything being products that do test on animals. I saw a Too Faced palette on their website but unfortunately they didn’t have it in the store. I was able to order it online with free shipping and 10% off which isn’t much but I wasn’t complaining, the palette is so cute! It’s called the “Sugar Pop Eye Palette” if you haven’t heard of it look it up! When I showed the girls in Sephora they were like I didn’t see this, it’s so cute let me go look! But they didn’t have it again which led me to ordering it online, which is fine, it’s like Christmas when you get a package in the mail!

I’ve been loving the Tarte brand but I didn’t want to get too many Tarte products because I purchased items online which I received yesterday. I need to say that Too Faced and Tarte are tied at my number one favorite brands of makeup. I love Too Faced, their palettes are absolutely amazing, cruelty-free and smell of chocolate, peaches or peanut butter and jelly depending on the palette you have. Tarte has just become a favorite, it’s cruelty-free, it let’s you know on every single box with a little stamp. Tarte’s packaging is absolutely gorgeous and their “Rain Forest of the Sea” collection that is out now is amazing. Within my package I got from Tarte I ordered a few eye shadow palettes, a highlighter that has different shades for different times of the day and I also got a few things on sale, which was awesome! I got a holiday palette which seems a little strange being the holidays are over. But 1, the packaging is BEAUTIFUL 2, the box has 4 different palettes in it and it comes with a small box that you can put the palette of your choosing in and take it on the go, switching it out whenever you feel the need too! Within the holiday box also came a mascara and a pretty pink lip gloss. So Tarte, you have won my heart.

Okay, so Walmart, yes Walmart. A friend of mine has a gel nail kit and I was like this is amazing!? I could totally do this myself and not pay $20 every 2 weeks for a manicure! I went into Walmart knowing the kit ranged around $50 but I got it on sale for $23 and it came with a gorgeous pink color I can’t wait to try! Being that it was on sale I purchased a few colors to go with it as a start to my collection. I bought some regular nail polishes for when I don’t feel like taking the time to do a gel manicure. They’re the Sinful Colors brand and yes, they were the collection put out by the one and only Kylie Jenner. I’m sorry guys I’m completely obsessed with her products! They’re such good quality (even though I’ve yet to try the nail polish) I’m sure it’s just as good as the regular Sinful Color polishes. Lastly at Walmart I purchased a mirror for make up that has the dual sides for magnification and it also has lights all around it! I was dying for one of these and looking at the price of them in the beauty store nearly made me want to run out of the store. But Walmart always has my back haha, I was able to get the same exact one at half of the price at the beauty store. It’s always a good idea to shop around!

Speaking of Kylie, I was lucky enough to score her Lip Glosses on Monday which was on my birthday so it was a super great treat! I feel like I mention Kylie in the most of the beauty/haul blogs I’ve done. But I can swear up and down by her products I am completely obsessed. She has me hooked, I don’t want her to release anything else because then I feel like I’ll need to purchase it. Ugh, I need some more self control. (Also something I’ve talked to my therapist about). I know getting her products are such a hassle though which is why I am so excited about the glosses. I was trying for KoKo K being that is my favorite color and I sold all of my extra’s but unfortunately didn’t get it on Monday, but next time right!? I was actually able to purchase the glosses through my phone which was a miracle because I didn’t have Wi-Fi, but if you are looking to purchase them, going on the computer is definitely your best bet!

*A tip to try and get Kylie LipKit’s/Glosses are to be on the website really early, my very first purchase I was on there probably 30 minutes early just having my computer open at least so I could click on her page when it was finally time. The first time I was able to get through without an issue was on Valentine’s Day I knew I had to prepare because she had just released the Valentine’s Day colors. KoKo K, Mary Jo K, and Posie K. I was lucky enough to get them all and was thrilled with the formula, yes if you keep applying they will dry your lips out but I always put Chapstick over the lipstick and the lipstick always stays put anyway!

I recently wrote about a weightless journey I would like to try, but I never found or had the motivation to try. Recently I came across “Fit Tea” which a friend of mine is doing, and she told me she lost 6 pounds in a week without even exercising, so I was like umm… That seems like that may be the answer for me, at least a jump start. I purchased the “Fit Tea Super Pack” which is the most expensive but it comes with all of the products they offer. I’ve seen celebs I follow on Instagram talk about this product and I was reading reviews and one stuck out to me the most. A woman briefly wrote she was taking medication that made her gain weight and this product helped with keeping the weight off. She was unable to exercise though if you are able to exercise you will likely lose more weight. I feel as if I am in the same situation as her with not being able to go overboard with exercising. But if this product does as it says and boosts my metabolism and gives me more energy I can get in small amounts of exercise without a problem, even if it is just taking the dog around the block. Potentially even going further as I build my momentum since it’s been a while and depending on how I feel pain wise. I’m not one too promote weight loss pills or anything unnatural, but this “Fit Tea” is 100% natural which makes me feel good because it won’t interfere with the medication I am currently taking. I am so excited to try this and will definitely write a blog about it when I have done it maybe for a week and let you guys know if there has been a change!

If you’ve made it this far, reading my whole blog, thank you so much. It truly means so much to me. I am ALWAYS down for recommendations that aren’t expensive or are so I can at least take a look, so if you have any leave them in the comments! I’m talking about literally any make up products, products that you recommended in general, books, anything. I’m down to hear them all and check them out!


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