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For The Love of Primark

Many many people especially in the UK (and probably also many other places) are aware of the wonderful store called Primark. One of the first US stores opened about 45 minutes from my house and I really just need to talk about it and appreciate the products they carry and how cheap everything is.

Okay, so I love clothes but unfortunately I don’t fit in any of Primark’s clothes, comfortably at least. (When I lose some weight that will definitely be my go to shopping store). They have a “Home” section that is to die for. I bought hand towels yesterday… Hand towels?? When am I going to use them, I have no clue but I just want to hang them on my wall because the design on them is so cute! Speaking of hanging things on walls, I bought a $7 poster with a really cute design and it says “Do More of What Makes You Happy”. It wasn’t a necessity but it’s really cute and only 7 dollars so it’s okay. One more thing I got in the home section were battery operated white flower lights and I was like OMG I need these now. They weren’t even $5 like? PRIMARK WHY ARE YOU SO CHEAP IT MAKES ME WANT TO BUY EVERYTHING. Anyway, my plan is to use the flower lights and lay them above my headboard and it’ll match so nicely because all of my new furniture is white!

I slowly made my way from the home section to the beauty section. I really shouldn’t even be allowed near there. I was adding press on nails (because who doesn’t love fake nails and not paying $25-$30, these nails are so cute and they were only $1.50). I added a little compact mirror for my purse, I got a bunch of make up brushes because they were also so cheap and I was planning on getting a set but I figured why not just get a bunch of cheap ones here? They were cheap but the quality is amazing. I added a matte lipstick and I think one other lip color. I also bought a woman’s “survival kit” I’ll just call it and it has a pack of make up wipes, face cleansing wipes, deodorizing wipes and nail polish remover wipes. I thought it would be so cute to have if you’re staying at someone’s house or going down the shore or just on vacation in general.

I was walking towards checkout knowing I had already spent enough money, but I bought some really pretty earrings in the jewelry section and I had to look at the purses. I don’t need a new one but I love purses so much. People collect so many different random things, my things seem to be purses and make up! I finally was walking down the isle to check out and a cute $5 fleece blanket caught my eye. Did I need it? No. Did I buy it? Yes. I just love blankets, like little throws and stuff. I don’t know, I feel like it makes your room a little bit more cozy with a bunch of blankets and pillows!

Primark has won over my heart and I’m sure will continue to win over my heart when I can finally fit in their cute clothes. I know I’ll never leave that place with at least one item from the Home and Beauty section. My shopping addiction has never been so real.


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