Random iPhone Notes *2

“Over my life time there have been many times that a “one day” phrase has come up and you know how many “one days” I actually accomplished? To be honest I don’t know but I can imagine that I can count on one hand. Why haven’t I made these “one days” a reality? Because of time? Because of money? Highly likely. Because of my health because of my anxiety? Highly likely. So many factors have taken away the freeing thought of my doing something out of my comfort zone.

Can I answer when was the last time I did something out of my comfort zone without the medicine to help calm me down? Now that I think about it, no. I feel like I don’t have the capability to step out of my comfort zone. I’m so self aware of many things that make me self conscious which make me anxious. I don’t know if those are the words for it.”

Written in late February and still relevant today. I know there are thousands of people who feel the same way as I do in the fact that they haven’t accomplished some things they may have put their mind too. The “One Day’s” we’ll call them. I can bet that every single person has a “One Day” set in their mind from a long time ago and never accomplished. Why? Why don’t we accomplish these things that we set our minds too? It makes me question what my life may be like if I have accomplished a certain “One Day”. Would it of made things better or worse? Regardless I would have learned from the experience no matter what it was.

It’s the middle of April and I’m vowing now too myself, which should have been like a New Years Resolution kind of thing that I will try to accomplish some of my “One Day’s” because it’s likely impossible to accomplish them all. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen and I will be better and can do everything I set my mind too. Even though I already know I can likely do that, it just takes time. Here we go.

“One day I will succeed” very vague yet also can be successful in many different aspects which is why I just wrote succeed. Let’s hope it’s me succeeding in writing for a magazine, a news station, writing my own books, anything with writing or in a communication’s major aspect. I know I can, it’s just the time it takes. I’m starting 4+ years late but watch where I’m at in 4+ years.


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