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Lost in Barnes and Noble

Not physically lost, but my mind was. I can live in Barnes and Noble. I picked up a bunch of books today. I love having the physical copy of a book rather than having it on an iPad.

Well first, I got an “American Images of Lower Northeast Philadelphia” for my Dad because after my trip to B&N I was going to see him and I know he loves reading material. We’re super similar in that way. I got him that book which is actually so interesting because I’ve been to a lot of the places shown in the book but the pictures are from the 1920’s. I thought it would be interesting in general to look at the pictures and read the little articles about them. They talk about “Penny Pack” which has a river that runs through it and my dad loves the “woods” the park I guess you could say. He would just wander around the park if he could but I figured being that, that book has pictures of “Penny Pack” maybe it’ll bring back good memories for him. I also just picked up a hunting and fishing magazine because I know those are/were his favorite hobbies. I asked him if he remembered going to the bait shop to get the worms for fishing, I’d happily hand him the worms but when it came to fish, no thank you. He remembered with a big smile on his face. I showed him some old pictures too which brought a lot of smiles to his face so I left there feeling really happy when normally it hurts, but it was completely different today. 

I also got one of the “American Images” books but for “Eastern State Penitentiary”. I know it might sound weird like why would you get that? But I’m so interested in all of that stuff. I love watching documentaries on old jails and I’m super into the cheesy like ghost shows that have went through the ESP. I’d just love to read the history behind it because I’ve been there for the Halloween walk throughs they have where you pretty much have to sign your life away (not really) but just stating not to touch anything because everything is really old and frail. Also signing that it was okay for the actors to touch us and grab us, which is scary but I’m usually well protected with my friends or just random people because I’ll ask if it’s cool if I hold onto their sweater or jacket and they’re totally cool with it. 

Okay so American Images aside. I picked up another book I thought would be good for therapy. It’s just pretty much a mentality book and how to accomplish goals within life and certain aspects of life which I thought could be totally helpful.

Then to treat myself I picked up two of Lang Leav’s books. “Love & Misadventure” and “Lullabies”. I am SUPER into poems lately even though all of her work aren’t poems they’re just words that flow together nicely and make you feel something (worded so weirdly but they just make a connection with you I guess you could say). I absolutely love it so much, I currently only had “Dirty Pretty Things” by Michael Faudet (sp) because I’ve heard good things about him, but Lang Leav was one of the authors I knew I needed to purchase after reading her writing online that I’ve found on Tumblr or even just on her Twitter. 
Reading actually is one of my all time favorite things to do. When I’m really into it, I can finish a book in a day. Yes I know how cool that makes me sound haha. When people ask me what my hobbies are I never think of reading because it’s like when I’m reading I’m all in or I’m like on a hiatus because I can’t find anything interesting. I’m currently stocked up for the next few months for sure. I can’t wait to get to all of the books I’ve purchased recently especially the books recommended by my therapist. I think they’ll make me come to realizations and see how to overcome a lot of issues I’m going through and trying to over come.

If you guys have any book recommendations please leave them below! I’d love to check them out! Also if you haven’t heard of Lang Leav or Michael Faudet and you’re into short poems/stories, I guess you could say because they are essentially little paragraphs that tell a story. You should totally check them out (even though they’re so popular so I’m sure you already know, but if not, go! ) 😊


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