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Fit Tea Day #1

I’ve written recently how I’m going to be joining the Fit Tea trend and today is the start. 

Okay so I need to take 5 pills 30 mins before breakfast and lunch also drink the cup of tea with breakfast. I’m currently writing this while I wait for the 30 minutes to pass. 

I’m going to be super real. I almost threw up taking the pills just because you can see the powder in them and the capsule is only going to protect it so much from you getting a little bit of a taste. I got them down! I purchased the Super Pack so I received the 28 Day Detox, “African Mango Conplex” which is a fat burner (all natural), Garcinia Combogia (appetite suppressant) and Forskolin (Boost Metabolism). 

I am so excited to be doing this but it just adds on to the pills I have to take every day. But I’m willing if it works! I’m thinking I’ll do maybe like weekly/bi-weekly blogs about it and let you guys know how it’s working out. Besides the almost mishap with the pills, the tea smells amazing! You can definitely tell there is some ginger in it, which I like but it’s not overwhelming. It suggests I use lemon to taste and this girl does not have lemon right now. I’ll have to get some later on today!

*saying prayers that this works 🙏🏻


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