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Pacemaker Revision

Just a quick post about my appointment yesterday. 

Not surprising I knew something was going to be done. But I chose to try and stick it out and go with a small revision of my pacemaker since it’s moved.

So on Monday the 2nd the doctor is just going to re-open my incision and move the pacemaker back in place. She’s going to make a “deeper pocket” in hopes that it doesn’t move. She can’t promise me that it won’t though, which I’m not scared about. I just want my pain gone. But with a possibility of having it move again the pain will continue. 

If over the month of May I feel as if the pain has increased or stayed the same I feel as if it’s not worth having it in my body. It may potentially be rejecting it and I don’t even know. Still just thinking my overwhelming thoughts.

Prayers that this revision works on Monday. After all I thought this was the answer, please let it be. 


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