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BH Cosmetics Haul

So I’ve recently joined a “Beauty Addicts” group on Facebook because the addiction is real. I recently came across BH Cosmestics and I wanted an opinion on the products before I even went to the website because I heard they were really cheap. I had a lot of people say that they love the products they bought from there & a few people were disappointed with the pigmentation of the eye shadows (especially being so cheap). I completely understood but found myself on their website anyway.

Okay, first things first, it’s absolutely magical. The prices are insanely cheap, I was like this is shady… I don’t know if I should buy from here but it’s a legit website so I went for it! I bought 2 sets of brushes. One is a travel size that came in a makeup bag and one was full size with 15 brushes. The quality of the brushes blew me away. I prefer the larger brushes texture verses the smaller ones, but I’ll definitely still use them! 

The white sample size bag of brushes was $12.50 and the 15 piece bag of brushes was $20. They have so many to choose from but I love the color of the handle of the 15 piece set though it’s kind of hard to see. They’re like a bronze shiny color. I’m going to link the BH brushes page if you’d like to take a look! 

BH Cosmetics Brushes Page

So next I bought 3 matte lipsticks, I don’t need them as I am forever a Kylie fan and will likely only continue to wear her products. But who knows, because I have yet to try these! I bought them in similar shades to Kylie’s LipKits because I love the pinks and neutrals she has. (Plus did you see the new “Exposed” nude color?! TO DIE FOR I’ll do whatever it takes it get my hand on one when she releases it because she said there are 2 other colors coming out too)! So below are the colors of the matte lipsticks, they were $8.50 each, which I guess in reality drugstore lipsticks are around the same price. They have a ton of different lipsticks but matte is my favorite. But I will also leave a link to their lip page to check it out if you’d like! 

BH Cosmetics Lip Page

Now onto eyeshadow palettes. First off, I want to say WOW because the amount of product for the price is amazing. I will post pictures of each palette, though compared to maybe Morphe palettes the eyeshadow containers? (Idk what they’re technically called) are very small. But being that I order a 99 shade eyeshadow palette I wasn’t expecting a huge amount. I bought the 99 shade palette for $14… Yes $14… 

I don’t even want to talk about it yet I’m going to move onto the next which is the 88 eyeshadow palette in neutral colors. I paid $12 for the 88 shadow palette. Same as the 99 palette the eyeshadows are very small. But I think worth the money in my opinion I mean? Look at all of this. For $12! 

Next palette was the 60 eyeshadow colors “Day and Night” palette. I purchased it for $11 though currently it’s out of stock but they still have plenty to choose from when I link the shadow page below. I really do like this palette though there are bright colors I’m likely not going to use, but it’s okay because it’s not like it was a $60 palette. 

Lastly I was recommended by one of the girls in the Facebook group to purchase the “Galaxy Chic” palette, which was also $12. I am completely obsessed the colors but I’ll be taking a risk wearing them but I’ll try to make them look as simple/as colorful as possible without going overboard. Being that this palette is much smaller the eyeshadows are bigger which is a plus. The various colors in each eyeshadow are stunning and I’m pretty sure they are all shimmery but they are gorgeous! 

BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Page

With my collection shown I am completely surprised/in love with these products. Like I said I was worried about pigmentation as someone mentioned “you get what you pay for”, but with one swipe of my finger a gorgeous color appears and I was so happy to see that they’re so pigmented. Even if I had to apply a few times I wouldn’t mind because I have so many colors to choose from and they were so cheap. But primer will definitely just help show the color even more! 

As for the packaging the lipsticks came in boxes as well as did all of the palettes besides the Galaxy palette, it was just wrapped in bubble wrap. The packaging of the product isn’t the best again, you get what you pay for. It’s just basic plastic, if you were to drop it I don’t doubt that it would break completely or possibly have a few shadows fall out though they look and feel very secure. I’m just going to be super careful. Again it’s cheap enough to the point if it were to break and I was really loving the palette I wouldn’t mind spending $10-$14 dollars on another one.

If you’re able too, I definitely recommend purchasing maybe one of their products and you can see how you like it yourself. All of the pages are linked above. They do have smaller palettes with bigger eyeshadow containers too if you’re interested in them and they’re still just as cheap. I know for sure I will definitely be buying again for the brushes. The bigger the set I think the better the quality, I thought the white set was cute for on the go. But I am loving the 15 piece set, the brushes are just as soft as some $30 brushes.

With that I’m done with my little/big haul. Definitely check out the website! I’m unsure if they ship overseas but they might! You never know! 

If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them! ☺️💋


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