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Who doesn’t love fresh squeezed lemonade? I live in PA, and I can officially tell you that Hershey Park, like the amusement park has the best lemonade even though it’s like $8 for a small cup. 100% worth every penny…………….


Let’s be real. This is about BeyoncΓ©. Lemonade. The visual album. Digital drop round two. Are there even words?

I can tell you I’m not the biggest fan of BeyoncΓ©, of course she has catchy songs and I listen to them. I bought Lemonade with zero hesitation because “Formation” was on it and I was like okay I need this song regardless let me just get the album. Who knows it might be the best purchase of 2016. Is it the best purchase of 2016 music wise? Absolutely. (Though it’s tied because Drake dropped Views and Drake is a babe and I’ve been a huge fan since his first album). 

I listened to the album from #1-12 about 8 times in a row. 

  • Hold Up
  • Don’t Hurt Yourself
  • Daddy Lessons
  • Sandcastles

Favorites. As if there should be any favorites, but for me there definitely are. Those 4 are the top 4 favorites off of the album. Though I can jam and sing to every other song too.

I just had to have a small appreciation BeyoncΓ© post. Lemonade.

If you haven’t heard any of the songs they’re worth checking out! Even if you just listen to the sample on iTunes. I think you’ll be like okay, Bey’s got me this time. She’s definitely got me. 🐝


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