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Loving Animals

I shouldn’t feel obligated to write a blog about loving your pet/taking care of your pet or loving animals in general. But in this instance that I am writing about I am talking about our cats, dogs, Guinea pigs, horses, fish, literally any animal that you own. 

Every single day in my city and I’m sure your city or town, I see pictures that break my heart of dogs up for adoption, homeless dogs, and dogs that have a home but are not taken care of. I feel so strongly against the last situation in particular. I’m currently writing this because of a situation I just seen on my Facebook. The weather where I live today was completely rainy, on and off, but when it was raining it was pouring and it was pretty chilly out today too despite being the month of May. 

A photo was shared by a woman I don’t know but was shared onto my timeline. Of a dog who was in a backyard in the pouring rain with no food, water or shelter. Animal control/police were called, neighbors approached the house knocking on the door asking if they could take the dog in themselves and the door was slammed in their face. The dog curled up into a corner and laid in the pouring cold rain all day long. 

I just need to say to take care of your fucking animals if you own one. Don’t own one and leave it out to fend for itself. When there is a person who would happily take it in and give it the love and care it deserves. Dogs mostly, are the most forgiving animals, they remember the abuse but when a new person is seen they hesitate with them but once a gentle touch is given they curl up in your lap, give you kisses and take in the love you’re willing to offer. Is it that hard to take care of a pet? No, but yes you have to buy them food, yes they need shelter, yes it takes time to train them, and yes they need love. Is love so hard to give? 

In my opinion I look at my pet as my child. I’m 24, without an actual child so my cat is my baby. If you give her fresh food & water every day. That’s all it takes, playing with a toy you can buy at the dollar store if you don’t want to spend money at a pet store. Treats, if you want to give them treats. I mean yes it can be hard to maintain animals but when you know you cannot maintain the one you own you unfortunately need to give it up, give it to someone who will love and give it the attention/food/affection he/she needs. 

It’s mind blowing to me that people have approached this house and the backyard where this sad dog sits in the rain. Someone called him over to the gate and he came up to them licked them through the fence. A dog loving a person it doesn’t know but giving the person a lick on the hand just because maybe he was given a treat or maybe just because he needs help and it’s a sign that he needs help. Animals are unbelievably smart when it comes to intuition like that. 

I hate that we can’t read animals minds though we know how they feel just by the look in their faces. I feel so sad about this situation because there is nothing I can do. I can write and write about situations like these but action will not be taken. I hope and pray someone has the decency to finally give this one dog up in particular to a loving home that it deserves. 

*sorry this is such a random post, it may not even make any sense whatsoever. But I just felt the need to say that if you have an animal you can’t take care of, please surrender him to the correct place. After a bath and maybe a haircut he’ll be ready for a new home. Where he receives all of the love in the world and is finally forgiving and happy.


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