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Happy Mother’s Day

First off Happy Mother’s Day to anyone who reads this and has children, to any of my few followers who may or may not have children. Even if you have a pet, they count as your child… (In my opinion). 😉

Today is a day where we thank our mother’s, grandmother’s, anyone who fills the void of a mother figure in your life. We’re thanking them for just being. Every Mother’s Day I sit and I wonder why on this day we express our love and gratitude most. Well because it’s a “holiday”? I mean yeah, but why shouldn’t we express our gratefulness every single day?

My amazing mother who is willing to bend over backwards to make sure I am in good health and happy, putting myself first over her own self. I have been telling her more often how grateful I am to have her, just in general. I get emotional because she should hear it every single day. When I tell her and I’m upset she’s like “I know Kelly, you don’t even have to tell me and I know”. I’m glad she does know that but I feel the need to share my words. When they’re shared I know for sure that she knows. That she knows she is appreciated beyond belief, she knows how grateful I am taking up almost all of her free time up or having her schedule revolve around me because of doctors appointments and/or procedures. But I know she wouldn’t change that for anything because she wants me to live a full happy life even though I’m getting a late start. My mother is one of a kind. The strength that shines through her on the roughest of days I wish to acquire one day and pass it onto my children in the future.

To all of the families who don’t have a mother to celebrate or thank today because they’re an angel now, I’m sorry. My best friend, her mother was like my second mother is no longer with us, for a few years now. My friend posted a beautiful quote with pictures of her mom, thanking her still because she is right behind her in every move that she makes, and that goes for anyone else who reads this and has lost their mother. Your mother is guiding you in a path that may be rough at times but it wouldn’t be thrown at you if you couldn’t handle it. She is watching you from above with love in her eyes.

For the people whose grandmother is who they are also thanking today. Make sure to make time for her. It’s convenient for me because I live with her. But grandmothers are so precious and leave you with nothing but smiles. Again, if unfortunately you have lost your grandmother or a grandmother who was very similar to your mother figure, she is watching you, with love and happiness in her eyes.

I just wanted to take the time to write a little something for Mother’s Day. I am blessed to have 2 amazing women in my life who have my back through thick and thin and I cannot express my love for my mother and grandmother enough. They deserve the world on a silver platter, but we’re happy with just each other’s company. 

Also my other grandmother who is my Dad’s mother. Who raised 7 girls (I believe) plus my dad and my uncle. She lives “down the shore” aka near the beach with my Poppop. I’m grateful for the times I do see her, though they are not often I take every minute and cherish it. She is another woman to be thankful for in my life, I’m extremely lucky in the sense of being surrounded by powerful women. My Aunt’s who I don’t see often either but when we do see each other it’s like nothing has changed. At least for me.

My heart is filled with joy today as I think about these women and how lucky I am. I’m eternally grateful. All of my love is spread towards them, wishing them all a Happy Mother’s Day. 


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