Happy Belated Birthday to Me!

My absolute best friend in the entire world got me a belated birthday present today that I actually am completely in love with. 

She’s so crafty and like… I wish I was? I mean it’s so simple really I just don’t want to put in the time and effort. But I know that’s what I love about this gift. She always takes time to acknowledge little things and my blog being one of them. We can’t even remember how long we’ve known each other, we always ask our parents and they don’t even know. When I was younger I would spend my all my time at her house and I wouldn’t want to leave. Her mom would call me her “adopted child” because when I say we went everywhere together, I mean everywhere. 

Needless to say she knows how much I love writing, since I’ve kept a journal for years and then started this silly blog that I’ve come to love and want to write on every single day. We went to the same grade school together and when I was in college (the second time around) we went to the same school, & we will be going again this fall. She knows that my ideal goal is to major in journalism. Which form of journalism I don’t even know that yet, which is why I love keeping this blog. The first thing she got me is a journal, small enough to fit into my huge purse. My plan is to take it everywhere I go, you never know when a thought might pop into your head. I can keep the thoughts in this book or I can share them with you guys on my blog. 

Secondly she came up with my blog name “keepingupwithkelcar” KUWKC for short. We were talking one day and I had finally decided it was time to start my blog. I wanted something catchy and fun. “KelCar” is a nickname given to me by another best friend of mine. It’s a mix of my first and last name so I was going to incorporate that somehow. Being that we both love the Kardashian’s she was like omg I have the best one and she told me. I was like YES!!! After the multiple “will they sue me???” texts I just decided I was going for it. It’s a little long but the acronym makes up for it! My favorite present though is what is what I’m going to show you next. I need to get some chalk, so that’s a hint. But she said she figured I could write blog ideas down on here and write about them when I have the chance/want to write about that certain topic if there is one. It sits up like a picture frame which I think is perfect and I have a perfect spot for it. 

My very own KUWKC chalkboard. Is this not the cutest idea?! (Some of the letters aka the C is messed up a little bit bc it fell off and I fixed it and clearly I’m not good at arts and crafts). 

You know, I could say a million things that I want right now, but honestly having something so well thought out means so much more to me. It means more than any other item you can buy. She’s my best friend so I tell her everything, I talk to her about literally everything and she thinks that keeping this blog up is a good idea for me because I feel some type of release from writing. My therapist was also one too say I should write more, occupy my mind instead of doing nothing and letting my pain just overcome me. I completely agree and can’t wait to write more. I can’t wait to bring this journal with me everywhere I go because my thoughts run a mile a minute especially when I’m nervous which is 98% of the time. 

I’ve mentioned this before but I’ll mention it again. I’ll be keeping up with my blog daily for my own mental health and for the fun of writing. I’ll write about numerous types of topics, ones that I haven’t even thought about yet but they’ll come to me. 

*Lastly, thank you to my best friend, I’m not really sure what I’d do without you. 👯


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