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No Self Control When Makeup is Involved 

Yes, make up. Who. What. When. Where. (and) Why. Does make up exist? Because it sure does get me every single time. I needed PAPER TOWELS at CVS. I got a new foundation and bronzer. Mostly because I had a coupon for buy one get one 50% off but still! I just need to address how I’m going to stop buying it. 

Okay first things first, I’m not going to stop buying it completely. You know why? Because I’ve talked about the app Poshmark, where you can sell makeup, clothes, shoes, purses. Anything you can think of really. So I put my unused untouched makeup, up for sale. I make my money back or more and I feel like if I would like to use that money that I earned on buying different make up then I should be able too. On Poshmark they have an option to redeem your money as a direct deposit into your account or use it as credits towards purchases on the app/website. So I was lucky enough to have enough money to redeem and get these two beauties. 

So I sold my makeup to get new makeup? Is that a problem? I don’t think so. Secondly when I do spend money on makeup, I choose to transfer the money into my bank account and use it that way. Tonight I was EXTREMELY LUCKY enough to snag Kylie’s new LipKit “Exposed”. I’m really happy with how well she’s keeping everything stocked. It took a while for all of the kits to sell out tonight. I was so tempted to get more KoKo K because it’s my favorite but I restrained myself (see I have some control I guess). But barely… Because I’ve been told Morphe palettes are amazing and I’m in a Facebook group of people who love make up. I asked which one should be the one I purchase first, as my first Morphe palette and it was the 35O, I went on the website and it was completely sold out and then she proceeded to tell me it’s pretty much always sold out. I’ve been checking a few times a day just to see if it went on sale and tonight they did, of course. I got the bundle of the 35O and 35OS so one is completely matte and one is completely shimmery. I am in love. 

So not only did I have luck with Kylie tonight I had luck with purchasing these babies. With no guilt at all because my posh direct deposit is more than what I spent on both together. So shout out to Poshmark and mostly the people who buy my things. 

I’d also like to talk about Ulta, I believe it’s only in the US as of right now, it’s basically like a high end make up store with also drug store make up items. I’ve talked about Ulta before and how it’s heaven. But basically they have a point system every time you purchase something you earn points, the more points you have the more money you can get off of a purchase. So for my birthday month of April everything I bought was double the points. I let them build up and I had $50 off of any purchase. I really wanted to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit, so I put that in my cart for $40 my I found something for $10. I ended up paying $1.59 for 2 items… Please try to tell me that’s not a good deal… It’s a great deal! 

Excitement aside, I think my makeup purchases will be coming to an end. I’m not saying I won’t buy myself something here and there, but I will not be going absolutely crazy. I’m happy with everything I have. I have more than I could ever want/need really. Hence the selling of my items. I sell them just to make my money back and that’s that. Today was a good day for me package and purchase wise. But from today on it slows down. Extremely. xo


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