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Metallic Lipstick

So you may or may not know about the metallic lipstick trend. You think it may have been started by Kylie Jenner with her lipsticks. (Don’t get me wrong, I have them all and I love them). But the metallic trend was happening before she launched hers.

As I do, daily, I was going on makeup websites just looking what was new or what they had in general. In the US we have a brand called “Milani” I hope it’s available to ship everywhere because I came across their metallic lipsticks. I bought two thinking I would just try them, I received them and one of them was exactly identical to Kylie’s “Heir” this picture is with a flash and on my very pale skin haha. 

Guess what… It was only $8.99. Compared to $18+$8.95 shipping and even more shipping costs for overseas. So I found myself on their website again and bought 3 more shades I think I’d like, one being purple, which I may or may not wear but for $8.99 that’s a deal. I’m actually going to swatch them right now! So below is a picture with a flash and no flash of the 3 colors I’ve most recently purchased. I’m not the best “swatcher” aka they look kind of messy lol.

In my opinion the second one looks almost identical to King K. From the bottom up they’re called “Cinematic Kiss”, “Matterialistic” and Raving Matte”. *All of the Milani lipsticks dry matte just as Kylie’s do! 

So anyone interested in the metallic lipstick trend I highly recommend the Milani brand! I haven’t seen them in stores yet but they offer free shipping when you spend $25+! I’m sure there are other drug store brands that have metallic lipsticks, just search around! But I will leave the Milani website linked below!

Let me know in the comments if you find any good deals because I’m loving the metallic lipstick trend right now! 

Milani Cosmetics Website


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