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My First Morphe Palettes

I wouldn’t say that I’m new to the make up game but I’m not a pro. So I know about all of the high end brands, but I didn’t know about some youtubers brands make up or just smaller brands in general that are really only ordered online.

I came across Morphe a month ago I want to say, and I asked the girls in the beauty Facebook group I’m in, which palettes are best. I go on the website excited to buy them only to find they were sold out. She then proceeded to tell me they’re usually always sold out. So I was like no! I need these, gorgeous palettes! I signed up for the emails to find out when they were back in stock. But I found out through the Facebook group. It had been 30 minutes since the post was posted and I thought it was done for that I missed out & I was pissed that I didn’t get an email! But I was thanking the make up gods because they were still available! The Morphe 35OM & 35OS aka one is matte and one is shimmery. 

Can we just take a moment…………………

So gorgeous and SO pigmented. I received them today and I literally couldn’t stop staring at them.

For about 30 minutes I was talking about them on Facebook until I found myself on their website again… No I didn’t order anything, did I have my cart full? Absolutely. There are so many gorgeous palettes I know I won’t be able to hold back. 

Lucky enough they ship outside of the US! (Not everywhere though, they have it posted on their website) They still have the two palettes I bought in stock too and they’re actually super cheap which is amazing.

So below is the link to the website so you can see what Morphe has to offer! 💅🏻

Morphe Brushes / Make Up


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