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Becca x Jaclyn Hill Collection

So yes, here we are with another make up post. Are we surprised? Not at all. Jaclyn Hill aka a YouTuber has AMAZING skills with make up. So amazing that she teamed up with the brand Becca to make a “Face Palette”, “Eyeshadow Palette”, a “Cream Highlighter” and I know there’s a few more items but I can’t think of them off the top of my head.

So they went on sale last Thursday at 12PM EST (I love Eastern Standard Time bc then I don’t have to wait even longer). I knew that people were going to be going crazy for these items so I logged onto my Sephora account literally an hour early. At around 11:30 I just refreshed my page to see if I was still “signed in” which I was. But then I saw I was able to add the Face Palette to my cart and I was like okay I’m just going to try this. It’s a half hour early so I doubt this will work but whatever. But I went through all the shipping methods and payment methods just to find out that it went through so I was like omg should I get the eyeshadow pallete too??? They’re limited edition items and as a huge fan of Jaclyn, I felt like I should just go for it.

I was lucky enough to get the face palette and the shadow palette. They are completely to die for. She has collabbed (is this a word) with Becca before just for her “Champagne Pop” highlighter but this one has 2 new highlights plus 2 blushes, as well as “Champagne Pop”.

I took these pictures from the internet because I legit even have opened mine yet. I didn’t receive it until late last night so I kind of just held it where ever I went. (I was/am so excited). The colors are SO PIGMENTED I was just like yes girl these highlighters are everything!

This Jaclyn Hill collection is limited edition, it will be in stores June 16th but once they’re sold out, they’re sold out! “Gone forever” as Jaclyn said on her snapchat. I truly feel lucky enough to have been able to purchase all 3 of these items actually. My makeup purchases have slowed SIGNIFICANTLY but in times of high demand and limited edition items, you gotta do what you gotta do.

*I also got my Skin Frost in Peach Godess yesterday from JStar. The pans are HUGE and the pigment is AMAZING, 100% recommend. I know he’ll be having a restock this week or at least next week.


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