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Post Pacemaker Surgery #3

So first was the worst, second was the worst and third will hopefully be the best.

Yesterday I had my pacemaker removed, unfortunately my doctor had to make another incision but it’s nothing near as big as I thought it would be. I felt good after the surgery, despite not being able to lay down because of how painful the incisions are. I asked the doctors in the operating room if I should be feeling what was going on and at that point they were like you should be really numb, I was like I am absolutely not numb whatsoever. Once I was able to take my medicine and lay on my other side it was much more comfortable.

I’ve had ice on it, which really helps but I just want it to go away so I can start exercising. I really want to buy a bike because I low key hate the gym, I don’t know what half the machines do and I would just rather do it on my own. I’m extremely motivated to keep this going because I lost more weight from last time I was weighed which was a week and a half ago approximately. I just want to get shit done. It makes me feel so good about myself. 

Also New York is sooner than I thought. I had a July 5th appointment to find out he will not be in the office that day. So my new appointment will be made in June. I can’t believe it. I am saying more prayers that God is on my side with all of this, that he wants me to be able to go to school and persue my dreams. It’s like it’s finally my turn to live my life and that is all I am hoping for. 

Fingers crossed. 


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