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Summer/Fall Concerts

Concerts are just kind of my thing. I have a board filled with almost every concert ticket that I’ve ever been too. I don’t have my very first concert ticket sadly, because that concert was the Spice Girls and I was probably 9 years old. So the concert goer in me started young. 

In 2008 my concert going life restarted when the Jonas Brothers were a band. I’ve seen them in my city, cities hours away from me and also in different states, and different states still, hours away from the boarder. Needless to say my friend’s parents & my mom were definitely not thrilled but did what they had to do so we could see the original “JB”. If they had shows back to back in my city we’d be at both. Plus the one the following day in a different state hours away. I don’t know how we got away with it, but we did. All the way up until the JB break up, I was at every show near me or kind of near me. 

Naturally I’m also a huge fan of Taylor Swift. Since the “Speak Now” tour I’ve seen her in my city every time she’s been here in her hometown. Except last summer where my friend and I traveled to see her at MetLife Stadium. We dressed up to the MAX and almost were not allowed into the stadium. But when we started stating the facts to the guards & manager that what we were wearing did not break the rules they let us in. Can we talk about an almost panic attack? It was the best concert of my life, we were in the pit right at the end of the catwalk. It was honestly the best concert I’ve been too so far. 

My summer / fall is filled with 4 fun concerts I can’t wait to write about! First things first, in just 35 days I’ll be seeing Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. I’ve seen Demi multiple times and Nick too, obviously, but I can’t wait to see how their show comes together! 

In 92 days I will be going to see Adele… ADELE like what the hell, I don’t even know how I managed to get tickets but I did and it’s going to be awesome.

In 126 days this girl will be witnessing one of her all time favorites… Drake. Fucking DRAKE. I can’t wait to rap along with him. I’ve seen videos of his shows and was like this isn’t even a “want” it’s like, I NEED to go to this show and witness this craziness for myself. I cannot wait.

Lastly in 157 days I’ll be seeing Pentatonix (you may or may not have heard of them. They’re an acapella group and amazing, look them up 10/10). I’ve been a fan of them for a little while now and they’re going to be performing at the performance center at my school which is  so cool. I can’t wait to see what they come up with. They do have original songs but they also do a lot of cover songs. I’m telling you, look them up!!

I can’t wait for all of these shows, I’ll likely be writing about each one. I know for sure I’ll be writing about Drake. I love him, like legit I’d marry him hahaha. Just like I’d marry Joe Jonas. There are a few more shows I want to go too but we’ll see what happens because you know, I’m a never ending medical experiment! But I’m pumped! 😊


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