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Sunshine Award

The beauty blogger MAHALA (who you should all follow, so go ahead, follow her). She has been nominated for the “Sunshine Award” by another blogger. She then nominated all of her followers to answer the questions she came up with, I thought it would be fun to do! 

So let’s begin!

1. What’s your motto in life? This is kind of difficult because there are so many good ones, popular ones. So I want to say “Go with the flow” because my life has been a rollercoaster especially recently. I’m trying my best to remain optimistic and all I can do is go with the flow of things, of life. 

 2. Who’s your favourite artist (band, group etc.)? I can’t just say one! Judge me, but the Jonas Brothers were my all time favorite band, they were my middle school/high school years. Also Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, DNCE, Drake. I listen too anything and everything, I’ll give any genre of music a try! 

3. What’s your favourite accessory? I don’t wear many accessories, I wear earrings daily, so definitely earrings!

4. What’s your favourite item of makeup and why? Ugh! One item?! I’m loving Jeffree Star’s skin frosts, Ice Cold specifically. I stay glowing for hours! One more thing… My Naked 3 palette, my holy grail shadow palette. 

5. Who do you admire? My mom, she is the strongest person I know. She does everything in her power to make sure I’m okay and will be okay.

6. What’s your current goal in life? My current goal is to just get better so I can be back in school in the fall!

7. What was the last film you watched? Friday the 13th

8. Do you have any siblings? Yep! An older brother.

9. What is your favourite blog post you’ve written? Personally probably one of my endometriosis blogs. I just think it needs more awareness as a disease that women of all ages get.

10. What advice would you give to a newbie blogger? Just have fun, write what you want, just make sure you’re loving what you’re writing. Nothing has to be perfect. If it fits up to your liking than everything is good! 

11.Do you have any plans for the summer? I may or may not be having this life changing surgery, I have a concert coming up, a vacation I may or may not go on. It’s all up to how I feel!

This took longer than expected! I didn’t finish it all in the same day, I answered some and got preoccupied so now I’m finished! Now to come up with questions of my own…

1. Favorite TV show?

2. Favorite memory as a child?

3. Why did you start blogging?

4. Do you have any pets?

5. What is your all time favorite movie?

6. What kind of music do you listen too?

7. Where is your favorite place you’ve ever visited?

8. What is one daily routine that you have?

9. Favorite color?

10. What is something you’re most proud of?

11. Do you play any instruments?

Okay well there are my not so well thought out questions. I nominate everyone who reads this as well! If you’re down to answers some questions for a blog post, why not!? 😊


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