Poetry & Updates

I’ve been writing a lot, clearly not on my blog. I have a journal where I’ve been writing poetry. Some rhyme, some don’t. Some I think people would understand, some may not. I’m so extremely hesitant to share any of my “poems” because I’ve never written anything about such personal situations in my life. Well, life in general and that’s why I want to share them because they are/can be super relatable in many instances but from all of the poetry books I’ve ever read I’m blown away. Some stick with me and I think of them through out the day, which is why I’ve kind of been distant from blogging. I carry around my notebook and all of my thoughts are poured into those pages. I feel like Harriet The Spy.

Tomorrow aka Monday 6/20 I will be finding my way to New York, I’m terrified. I haven’t slept in probably four days and it’s really leaving me delusional. I have high hopes, who wouldn’t? I just hate reliving my past by telling a new doctor all of what I can remember from when I was 15 years old all the way up until now, 24 years old.

My anxiety can’t been this bad since high school. But I’ll get through this. I can’t believe this is really happening, one of the best doctors for endometriosis will be sitting down with me. Ah, deep breaths for this nerve-racking train ride on Monday morning will definitely be needed.

Until Monday when I have updates… xo


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