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“I’m not a miracle worker but I can 100% help you”

I made my way to New York City today. As planned for a while now and it was extremely hellish. I mean it was my first time and I knew there would be a lot of people there but not that many…

I had an MRI scheduled but they were running behind and the new doctor also called me and asked me to come in earlier. So everything was pretty messy. Needless to say, I went to see the doctor without the MRI because I at least needed to meet him. I waited about an hour and a half but he was truly one of the nicest doctors I’ve met. 

He took one look at my pictures from my surgery from 2014, all he had to say was that I was completely burned on the inside. From looking at the pictures he could see the adhesions that were missed or just never taken care of. I was blown away. He performed an exam which was extremely painful on my left side (as always). Telling the nurse to write certain things down for notes. After the exam I was brought back to his office and he said that he isn’t a miracle worker but he can help me. He believes his way of surgery would be completely more beneficial. Being that I didn’t have an MRI he was like you need an MRI today, ASAP. Call them and tell them I personally need to have you in for an appointment first thing. So his nurse worked her magic and an hour later I’m waiting to be called back with a room full of people. The power of powerful doctors man, because even though I had just walked in, I was the first to go back. Yet the last to go out because they couldn’t find any good veins and I was pricked 7 times with a needle (willingly bc it needed to be done). 

So next week I see him again, we go over the results and I schedule the surgery. What I was really upset about was having the surgery times being in August which means school is not looking good for me right now. I’m praying they have something early August so I can go back.

What a trip. Successful but stressful. Now we wait. Again…


2 thoughts on ““I’m not a miracle worker but I can 100% help you”

  1. I’m so glad you have found a doctor you have more confidence in. It’s so important! In the past, did they do ablation for your surgery? And now, is your doctor planning excision instead? I’ve heard that excision is preferable to ablation, and excision is what I’m having for the 2nd time soon. I’ve also heard that less experienced surgeons can miss a lot of the smaller implants, and that makes recurrence all the more likely. I’m not sure on all this, and I’m certainly not an expert, but I’m living through it too. I really hope you can get a nice early date and a very successful operation!!

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    1. Yes from what I believe, it is an excision surgery, but I’ll find out for sure next week. I was having ablation because I am so burned everywhere. I’m really happy I traveled to meet with him because it’ll definitely be worth it. It was stressful but the outcome will hopefully be amazing. Thank you for such a nice comment, it means a lot, I wish you the best with everything! 😊


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