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New Eyeshadow Palettes!

Anastasia Beverly Hills and Tarte have new palettes out! I barely step out of my comfort zone of the Naked 3 palette, but these were too pretty not to get.

ABH’s new palette “Modern Renaissance” is gorgeous! The colors are so pigmented and the texture of the shadows are almost creamy in my opinion. You need little product to make a bold statement. I saved a look from Facebook that was used with this palette so I’m going to venture out and try new things! 

Tarte x Grav3yard Girl “Swamp Queen” palette! I’ve watched Bunny’s videos before but never anything based on her makeup. I’ve obviously recently started watching them and was loving the looks. I love how we get a highlight, blush, and shadows within the palette, also the colors are to die for. Pretty neutral besides the purple ones, but they can always be blended! I’m excited to experiment with this! 

Lastly, this isn’t a palette, well I guess it kind of is. But I recently order ABH’s Glow Kit in “Sun Dipped” and unfortunately it arrived like this. 

Needless to say I was very upset lol. But I know things happen. I called them and sent me a new one free of charge and with free 2 day shipping. I just need to praise ABH’s customer service for that. Also just praise the Glow Kit’s in general because the PIGMENT, like I glow all day. That’s what I want really, too always be glowing. Who doesn’t? 

So they are my most recent purchases and I’m so excited to try them and see what I can come up with! 

*All three of these items were bought at Ulta there’s a link to the website, I’m not sure what they have in stock right now but I know they’ll be restocking daily! 



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