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Dead of Knight & Kymajesty

Will I wear these colors? Probably not. (Possibly the metallic one because it does have a blue hue to it as well and could look super bad ass). Why did I buy them then you ask? I AM IN TOO DEEP. 

I’ve never collected anything before (besides notebooks when I was like 10-13), which is a little weird but Kylie’s lip products have become my new collection. Or we could say obsession? Because you better believe almost every restock when there are new products I am ready to fight for them. It’s sad that, that’s what I have to do but, for the sake of beauty and collections… I guess?

So of course Dead Of Knight is just a matte black. I haven’t tried it on but I don’t hate it. I feel like if I’m going out one night, maybe doing a smokey eye, and having that lippie on could be awesome. Like I could be intimidating or just look cool? Haha. Here is the swatch of “DOK” 

Kymajesty I’m actually really excited for again like I said because of the blue hue to it within the “metallic” aspect could be so cool to like go to a concert with on! Some people use her products for eyeshadow, eyeliner, everything. So that could be a potential really bold cute eye liner with the shimmer… Omg I literally just thought about it, it could be so cool! I’m definitely going to be trying that. Here is a swatch of Kymajesty! I AM LIVING FOR THIS METALLIC IT IS EVERYTHING YOU CAN’T EVEN SEE ALL OF THE COLORS IN IT, IN THE PICTURE BUT YAS GAWD. 

Tomorrow Kylie will have two new limited edition blue colors for the Fourth of July! I know blue is like what? But the majority of popular brands have all different colors so I won’t be surprised when she comes out with purples and probably greens. All I know my money will be flying away all for the sake of keeping the collection alive and I’m not mad about that one bit! 


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