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New York Trip Round #2

Bright and early I’ll be arriving back to NYC to meet with my new doctor. I thought I would be less scared this time around. Nope, I know I won’t be sleeping tonight.

NYC will likely become my second home within these next few months. If you don’t already know, an amazing doctor has agreed to perform surgery on me for my endometriosis. He’s extremely confident that I will benefit from his type of surgery. One that could guarantee that my pain will be gone, it may not be all of it, but the majority of it. One that can possibly give me the opportunity down the line to have children. I feel extremely blessed to have this opportunity.

Tomorrow I’ll be going just go to for my MRI results. (Which I had a horrible time with when I was there). Needless to say my veins are extremely small, so I was poked by a needle (willing) probably 7 times until someone got something. I have the bruises to show for it! Haha. I believe tomorrow we will go in depth on what will be done, how it will be done, how long I have to stay, recovery time, etc. 

If anyone reads this can you send good vibes my way? I need all I can get.

Also, my mom started a gofundme page for my surgery, as my insurance doesn’t cover a lot of it. It would be absolutely amazing if you could check it out, maybe share it. Donate if you can/want too, it would mean the absolutely world to me. If you even check it out, thank you.

Endometriosis Surgery GoFundMe Page


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