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Freedom & Skylie

First of all, I know… Blue lipstick… Especially BRIGHT blue lipstick… I had to get them.

Apparently they’re limited edition and I had to keep my collection alive. Even though it was almost barely alive because I purchased these on the day they came out, on my phone. I didn’t think it would go through but it did thank God! 

I’m going to make this post really short and simple because we know the colors. It smells like vanilla, as per usual. But in my opinion it felt like the formula was thicker even when just swatching them on my arm. (Which I have a picture of, but they’re not completely dry). 

I was LOVING Freedom and needed to try it on, so the other night I tried it with my makeup on and I was like absolutely no way in hell does this look incredible. In my opinion at least. I have a video I’ll share with it on, but I was living for Freedom honestly. I was like no way this is beautiful. It’s navy blue but with a flash on I was like okay I’m kind of feeling myself. ​(I have a filter on, but even without the filter the blue is still very blue haha). 

Needless to say, Kylie has me hooked. I’m forever going to be a lipstick collector just of Kylie’s brand.


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