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Demi Lovato + Nick Jonas Future Now Tour

This past Thursday I attended the Future Now Tour, including Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas if that isn’t obvious already. Let me tell you about my back stories of Demi & Nick.

I was one of the girls in love with the OG JB, aka Jonas Brothers. I first seen them in 2008 and from there it just skyrocketed. I was at every show they had in my hometown or surrounding towns. If they scheduled two shows back to back, I was at both. Sometimes traveled to see them, not too far, 2 hours max. But the dedication was real. 

As for Demi she started opening for the Jonas Brothers in 2008, so I seen her then and every show she’s had in my hometown since then. Needless to say they are two of my original favorite bands/artists and they’ll never get old. 

The Future Now Tour consisted of Mike Posner opening (I’ve heard of a few of his songs but not many). Nick came out first and I nearly lost it because it’s been years since I’ve see him. I’ve just seen Joe last November when DNCE first started. (Joe is my all time favorite but I need to show love for his brothers, duh). Nick J looks so good, goddamn. He was doing his thing and after maybe 5 songs Demi came out and they did a transitioning where Nick came out to play piano for Demi then Nick sang some more songs so they kept it consistent and it was everything. 

I barely had a voice the next day but that’s what it’s supposed to be like at concerts, screaming until you can’t talk anymore. It was so good to see Nick and Demi again, I’ll add this ticket to my infamous concert ticket board for the memories.

Up next, 55 days until Adele!


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