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Kyshadow “The Bronze Palette”

First of all how did I end up here, writing about an eye shadow palette that sold out in ONE minute? Well the answer is I’m not really sure how, because I don’t even know how I managed to obtain Kylie’s newest addition to her Kylie Cosmetics collection. The bronze Kyshadow palette. It was like getting concert tickets, like the anxiety was real. WHY GOD DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME LIKE MAKE UP SO MUCH? I did the usual, when she releases new things, went on the website 30/45 minutes early and just waited. (That’s seriously an excessive amount of time, I know, but I feel like if I’m on there already I’ll have a better shot? Who knows how it really works). 

So today I actually received the “Bronze Palette” in the mail. First of all, fastest shipping I’ve ever had for a Kylie Cosmetics item. Maybe she wanted to get it out super quick with having another batch go out yesterday? You know I’m not complaining. But let’s take in the beauty & the packaging. 

I know so many people compare her items so quickly to other brands just because of who she is. I just want to say, yes I know that Morphe and multiple other well known make up brands have similar palettes with similar colors. Every “bronze” or we could even say neutral/warm toned palette has colors similar to these. I have the Morphe palette with the similar colors, but I generally love the Kylie Cosmetics brand so I was extremely excited to purchase her newest addition. This is when I wait for people to say “you’re only buying it for her name” okay, so? You’re only buying (whoever your favorite cosmetics brand’s name) because of the name… The only thing I was thrown off by was how small the palette actually was. Like I could throw it in my bag and carry it around, no problem (which could be nice if I wanted to bring it places). I thought it would be more close to the size of the ABH Glow Kits, so I have a comparison picture.

But still generally the pan sizes of the shadows are good and pretty deep for the packaging size. A little goes a long way with these shadows. The pigment, the texture, how well they blend. I have nothing but praise for Kylie.

Naturally I watched Jaclyn Hill’s new video reviewing the Kyshadow palette and wanted to see a look she could come up with. Obviously she did an amazing job, she was straight up and honest about how she felt about the palette. (Which she loved, I’ll leave the video below). Being that she loved it I was just like yes, okay now I need mine. My favorite beauty youtuber loves it so I’m going to love it even more now! If you don’t know who Jaclyn Hill is please take a moment.

Kylie Kyshadow Palette | Tutorial + First Impressions by Jaclyn Hill

Needless to say, I know there will still be a million people who have to say something mean about her palette but don’t knock it til you try it, I can’t wait to see what looks I come up with! 

I also ordered her 3 newest LipKits “Kristen”, “Mailboo” and “Ginger” as well as two of her three new glosses. I purchased “KoKo” & “Posie”. I was unsure about getting the “Candy” gloss because I didn’t want it too dark, but after wearing the Candy LipKit last night, I think I’ll have to buy it. I won’t have the LipKits & glosses until Monday but when Monday rolls around, expect a new blog with tons of swatches. xo


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