Make Up

New LipKit Colors + Glosses (Swatches)

Kylie has my heart around her cosmetic line. But girl can you slow down a little bit? I was a few weeks late purchasing “Maliboo, Ginger, and Kristen” and her new glosses in “Posie and KoKo” “Candy” is also available which I regrettably didn’t buy because I thought it would be too dark. I just had the Candy K liquid lip on the other night and I had wished I bought it. So I’ll get it next time I have the opportunity since she’s been doing an awesome job keeping everything in stock!  

Okay so I was supposed to get the LipKits on Monday, but my package was lost but then found and finally sent to me. I had to swatch the colors right away! Top to the bottom it’s: KoKo Gloss, Posie Gloss, Kristen, Ginger and then Maliboo. 

They’re all gorgeous, but Maliboo is sticking out to me a lot. I think for my skin tone it could almost be a “perfect nude” or at least perfect neutral we’ll say? Even though I feel like it has gray undertones, I am SO pale so exposed definitely was not perfect for me! 
Short and too the point, I’m never disappointed in her products. I’ll let you know when that day comes (if it ever does)! 


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