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Book Club

I’m not really in a book club but I’ve been reading so many different things lately so I thought that would be a fun title haha. 

I’ve been so into poetry lately it’s absolutely crazy, crazy to the point where I’ve started writing my own and I’m actually very surprised with the outcome of what I write. Maybe I’ll share one day, maybe not. But you already know that I’ve read all of Lang Leav’s books, Michael Faudet’s “Dirty Pretty Things”, Rupi Kaur’s “Milk and Honey” which I HIGHLY suggest if you’ve never read that. I picked it up one day when buying other poetry books and actually read that one first. I was in awe over the fact at how much I can relate to many of the things the author wrote. Also “Whiskey, Words, and A Shovel” part I and II. Incredible. It’s written by R.H.Sin and his writing hit’s so close to home. When reading his books it’s like he is writing it for you and honestly in most poems he is addressing “you” aka the reader. Which really makes it feel more personal and like its for you.

I’ve also started reading “The Doctor Will See You Now: Recognizing and Treating Endometriosis” written by Dr. Tamer Seckin. This book was written by the doctor who will be performing my surgery in just 19 days. It’s been way over a month since I’ve scheduled this surgery and now we’re in the teens… I feel ready but also terrified because it is a new type of surgery. This week I’ll be in NYC to have all of my presurgical testing done. So I know it’s getting really close 👀. I read about 4 pages of this book which were not even part of the actual book, it wasn’t the start of a chapter just simply a letter from the woman who agreed to include her story as well as a letter from the doctor. Within those four pages, I finally felt something I’ve never felt before and that was someone who aknowledged what endometriosis is, does, and how it truly effects you especially if it’s taken care of incorrectly. The smallest sentences made me feel like, finally my feelings are valid, someone knows what it’s like and he isn’t even a woman, clearly. I’m still new into reading this book, but with how I was crying by just reading the very first pages I know it will have a huge impact on me, forever. I will always be able to refer back to it and reread if I feel the need too. I think essentially it will be uplifting because everything I’ve always questioned (even about my sanity because of my pain can be found in this book). 

I’m not sure if I’ll keep posting “Book Club” blogs, but who knows. I have TONS of unread poetry books that I can totally share when I do get around to reading them. So it’s likely I’ll mention them at one point. I never really understood how much poetry can make you feel any emotion. I think that’s what I love about it because the words written in these books are the author’s actual feelings and they’re all so relatable. If I feel like one of my poems are ever good enough. I’ll share it here first. Until next time. xo


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