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Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition (5/8 items)

The Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition hunger games has happened on four random days the past two weeks. I never had an issue buying a high demand item on the first try until her birthday bundles became available. When I decided that I’m not even attempting to buy the bundle because it would be sold out by the time I could get anything.

I tried for all of the items besides the makeup bag on the second restock. When checking out the Bronze Kyliner and Mini Mattes sold out which left me with all of the above/below. 

  • Leo LipKit
  • Lord Metallic Lipstick
  • Poppin Lip Gloss
  • Rose Gold Creme Eyeshadow
  • Copper Creme Eyeshadow

I felt so extremely lucky to have gotten these items but I really wanted to try for the two other items the next restock so I had the whole collection (minus the makeup bag). 

The following restock happened this past Monday & I was able to get the Kyliner. After watching YouTube videos of people unboxing the bundles they ordered I first, couldn’t believe how small the makeup bag was. I was reading the comments of someone’s video and they answered someone’s question regarding the bag, basically just saying you’re paying for her logo and a tag inside that says Kylie Cosmetics. That the bag was just like any other make up bag you can purchase at a drug store. Also I was surprised at the size of the Mini Mattes, don’t get me wrong, I understand a mini lipstick and love the idea for just throwing it in your purse but when they unboxed them they are maybe the size of your pinky finger. I’m not sure how I expected them to look though. The last restock was today and I did try for the Mini Mattes anyway but was unable to get them, it’s okay though because I do have the all of the colors that she has as mini’s in LipKit form. 

I haven’t swatched any of the products yet because I’m thinking about waiting for the Kyliner and making a post with all swatches and what I think about everything. Honestly I’ll probably love everything, I’m super eager to try everything hopefully I’ll have the Kyliner by the weekend! Kylie girl can you slow down with these products though… 😩😂


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