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3 Weeks After Surgery

August 25th was a huge day for me. I was in New York about to have my fourth endometriosis surgery, yet this one was different from the others. 

It is three weeks today, 9/15 that I was in the hospital for surgery. It was one of the longest days of my life. I was supposed to have surgery at 12:30PM but I wasn’t taken back until almost 5PM and then had to wait another few hours to actually go into surgery. It was a little bit before 7PM when I went back and according to my mom it was after 10PM when the doctor came out to talk to her. Unfortunately I had to stay the night and unfortunately I became really sick from the anesthesia. I reused to eat anything because it didn’t sit well with me, I think not being home also became a factor, I was really uncomfortable. 

I have three incisions two which have already healed up but the main one has been extremely painful. I had an small incision on my left side which was for a string (I’m saying string because that’s what it looked like but it was probably more surgical haha) coming out of body because it was holding my ovary in place. I also have an incision in my belly button which I’ve always had whenever I have a  laparoscopic surgery. Lastly I have an incision on my right side which is the main incision. I was having trouble with the incision because the stitches were so tight that it was pulling a lot when I would walk or just move certain ways in general. I’ve never had regular stitches after a surgery, they were all dissolvable and I was told that these were able to dissolve as well but they would prefer taking them out. So yesterday I finally went back to New York, the doctor told me my incision looked fine and had the stitches taken out. I was given a copy of the lab report with all of the information on what was biopsied, and everything came back normal. Lastly he wanted to perform an internal exam but he said I needed to wait another month (which I was happy about because I’m still having pain). So I’ll be going back in October. He didn’t talk much about the surgery to me yesterday mostly because I believe he wants to perform the other exam first and then explain everything. I’m going to try to come up with some questions to ask him because I’m really curious about that “string”… Haha

I think it’s to soon to determine if this surgery helped me or not. I can easily say my pain is less than it was before but it still is extremely painful. I’m kind of just telling myself that it’s still healing so hopefully another outcome will come about within these next few weeks. I also need to take into consideration that I did have an endometriosis surgery earlier this year so I’ve had a lot going on internally with my pelvic area the past year more than ever, because we can’t forget those bladder surgeries either! I’m trying to remain hopeful and I’ll keep up with recovery posts as often as possible! 

PS – Another thank you to everyone who donated to the gofundme page that was set up for this surgery. I am so eternally grateful. 


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