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A Night With Adele

Almost a year ago I was able to snag a pair of Adele tickets for a concert that happened earlier this month. 

I couldn’t believe I managed to get tickets, right after they were purchased I started a countdown on my phone. Countdown or not, months passed and I almost forgot that I was going to see her live. Once in a while an Adele song would come on shuffle and then it all hit me. I started thinking what the concert would be like because her songs are mellow. Will people be standing & going wild or will they sit and clap after each song? (Regardless for me I was going to sit because the show was only two weeks after my surgery, I couldn’t move around much). Lucky for me it was an extremely laid back show but it was almost life changing. 

The expression “life changing” could be considered over the top but I never experienced a show like her’s before. Adele’s voice lives up to everything you’d expect it to be. At one point I really felt as if she wasn’t even singing and her music video was just playing in the background. I felt like the majority of the night she spent talking to the crowd, she told us what she did in the city during the few days she was around and what she did on her week off a few days before our show. The whole night felt so personal and almost like I could be her best friend. 

The amount of sing alongs that took place were bone chilling in the best way possible. For being one of the smaller concerts I’ve been to, the crowd was insanely loud. At the end of the show confetti flew everywhere, a lot of which I caught so I could keep it with my ticket & save for the memories. To my surprise I was looking at the confetti and song lyrics were written on all of them!

Of all of the concerts I’ve been to Adele’s sits right next to number one, along with Taylor Swift’s 1989 tour.


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