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Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection

A week ago today the full Sweet Peach  collection was released as well as the restock of the eyeshadow palette. I was lucky enough to purchase one of the peach palettes when it was originally limited edition, but unfortunately ended up selling it because of the surgery I had in August. When I found out it would be coming back PLUS more items I was so excited because Too Faced is my favorite brand and the palette is gorgeous was a favorite as well! 

I wasn’t surprised when I went onto the Too Faced website ten minutes early to find that the website was shutdown until 12:00AM EST. The website had created a virtual line and at 12 when the website went live you would see how far back you were in line and could watch the line in real time. I was 3400+ behind which I didn’t think was too bad considering many people were 45k+ behind. I was shown that it would take 39 minutes to enter the website for my turn so I waited patiently. I was as patient as I could possibly be with the line pausing and working again, which led me to end up waiting two and a half hours. At 2:30AM I was finally checked out. I purchased the Sweet Peach palette, Sweet Peach Glow palette and one of the Sweet Peach lip glosses. It was hard to just choose one lip gloss because they are all gorgeous but I wanted to test it out before I went and purchased more if I wanted. 

No surprise that the eyeshadow palette is still a favorite, in my opinion too faced shadows are so pigmented and blend really well with others so naturally it’s easy to love. I love the combination of colors in the palette and of course the smell. If someone didn’t like peaches I think this palette could make reconsider.The glow palette was what I really wanted to get my hands on and after two and a half hours I was scared that it was going to be sold out but to my surprise I was able to purchase it. It comes with a highlighter, blush and bronzer. All of which again, smell like peaches. Out of the three I was hoping for the highlighter to be super “glowy” but I was a little bit disappointed in them all. Yes you can see pigment but I just expected a little bit more, but who knows maybe with primer and foundation on the pigment will pop. The lip gloss to my surprise was extremely pigmented and not too heavy. It isn’t sticky on my lips and gives such a nice color with shine. I purchased the shade “Papa Don’t Peach” and with actually loving this one I’m bound to buy more. 

Lastly depending on what time you purchased your items you got a free make up bag that says “Sweet as a Peach”, a bunch of free samples and a 20% off coupon. I mean c’mon who doesn’t love Too Faced? 


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