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Farsáli Skincare Review

Instead of As Seen on TV, we’ll say this was As Seen on Instagram? I’m sure tons of beauty bloggers or youtubers have seen this product else where, but I came across these beauties on my “recommended” instagram page.

Farsáli is a beauty brand that focuses on face oils. These oils can be used as a simple skin care serum or they can be used as a primer/moisturizer.

I was looking into purchasing them on their original website a while back but recently they started being sold on the Sephora website, so it was kind of a sign that I needed to buy them. The two oils Sephora carry seem like they are the most popular within the beauty community, but to my knowledge there is one more that is carried on the Farsáli website.

“Unicorn Essence” is a pink color with a hint of shimmer that I’ve personally used as my makeup primer. It has a really sweet smell (that could be a deal breaker for some people, but I enjoy it). I put a few drops on my face, smoothing it out evenly. Using it as a primer did leave my skin feeling a little tacky before my foundation application. I wasn’t bothered by that, I was kind of intrigued because I thought maybe that would have my foundation stay in place more easily. To my surprise I loved using it as a primer, because I’m not a full coverage foundation kind of girl, so when applying my foundation it looked as if there was a slight glow because of the shimmer already in the oil and who doesn’t love the extra glow?

“Rose Gold Elixir” is the other oil that I purchased and it’s probably the most popular out of their oils. The oil is clear in color with flakes of gold in it. Yes, to die for! Even though the oil is gorgeous, the smell (for me) is a little bit over the top. It doesn’t smell sweet, it has more of a citrus smell but it really reminded me of a lemon scented cleaning product. (But that hasn’t stopped me from using it). I didn’t use this oil as a moisturizer for my face at all, I used it on my lips before applying a matte lipstick in hopes that it helped them stay hydrated. Did it do its job? Absolutely. I honestly probably won’t apply a matte lipstick before using this oil again. My lipstick stayed matte during the whole day and if you needed to reapply you could easily do so without it becoming drying or flaky because of how hydrating your lips still felt throughout the day. While using this product I was thinking to myself, if I chose to use a little bit of extra oil on my lips and use a Kylie Lip Kit (because they’re my go too) than I wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing her new “velvet formula” kits. Just a little tip there because in my opinion using a little more product did make the lipstick look and feel what these “velvet” lipsticks looked like on Instagram.

I’m starting to love these products more and more every time I use them, so I would definitely recommend picking them up when you want to treat yourself! I’ll link the Sephora website below where you can purchase these products. *Right now the Unicorn Essence is sold out but you should totally sign up to get an email when they restock!* Farsáli Skincare

Has anyone tried these products with different results or how else would you recommend me using them? Let me know!


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